13 Things That Inevitably Happen When You’re Addicted To ModCloth

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1. You get your paycheck and your first thought is to see what’s new on ModCloth’s site. And let’s be real, you always have at least a few items on your wishlist anyway just waiting to be purchased.

2. You find yourself buying outfits you normally wouldn’t be into just because somehow, magically, ModCloth has the ability to make everything effortlessly chic and adorable.

3. When you first discovered ModCloth you were like “FINALLY A CLOTHING WEBSITE THAT JUST GETS ME.” Since then you haven’t been able to look back and you have a hard time shopping anywhere else tbh.

4. You read the ModCloth blog religiously and you just get the feeling you would be besties with literally everyone who works there.

5. Anytime you find yourself distracted online when you should be studying or working on something ModCloth is always your go to page. Some people check Facebook or Instagram, you check ModCloth. You figure why scroll through a lame-o newsfeed when you could be dreaming about your next pretty dress purchase?

6. And let’s be real, at this point you could basically label your wardrobe “Pretty Dresses” and you wouldn’t have a problem with that. At all.

7. Waiting for a limited item to come back in stock is basically the moment you’ve reached your personal hell. There’s no other torture like seeing something you absolutely must have to achieve your peak amazing self to only then realize it’s not available at the moment.

8. When you’re decked out in an outfit entirely made of items from ModCloth you’re basically one of those highly shared Tumblr or Pinterest posts IRL. You know these make for prime Instagram moments.

9. Anytime you’re feeling listless and uninspired about your fashion choices you check out the Style Gallery and immediately feel a renewed sense of passion towards your closet. The Style Gallery always helps you think of new ways to reinvent your wardrobe and make a cute outfit out of just a few essential items.

10. When there’s a 1920s Gatsby theme party coming up or a special event you need a new outfit or dress for you don’t even bother with other sites anymore. Why go anywhere else when everything there is always so right?

11. You use every heartbreak or moment of celebration as a reason to buy more ModCloth. Something about them just always makes you feel better, no matter the reason for the purchase.

12. You don’t really remember the last time you tried on clothes at an actual store. You’ve shopped ModCloth so much you can literally just look at something there and immediately visualize how it would look on you.

13. Sometimes you wonder if the people at ModCloth are secretly attuned to when you’re at your weakest. Just when you tell yourself you need to take a break from shopping there you get a dozen emails flashing coupons and crazy awesome deals. I mean, you’re basically saving yourself money by partaking in their sales. Or something. Right!? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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