Chicken Fries Are Back At Burger King And They Are My Everything

When it comes to fast food I’ve always felt like there’s two types of people – McDonald’s people and Burger King people. McDonald’s is basically the top 40 pop music of fast food, the mainstream choice (more like the lamestream choice, amiright?) that offers the same products over and over again.

Burger King, however, isn’t afraid to go a little experimental. They know how to give people what they want before the people even know that they want it. Obviously, I’m talking about the delicious existence of Chicken Fries. Chicken Fries are back at BK and they are #myeverything. Does any other fast food exist when Chicken Fries are at BK? The answer: lol stop playing.

I heard Chicken Fries were back but the problem was that I had never actually tried them before. I’m usually not much of a fast food person but when I heard Twitter buzzing about the elusive favorite fast food item being back it created a longing inside of me I just had to fulfill.

So I gave in to the sweet fever dream and decided to venture to the closest location and pick some up to bring home.


What happened to the fries? Well, I’ll tell you. I ate them on the ride home. It’s cool though because there were tons of bottom bag fries. What is it about the fries at the bottom of the bag that are so satisfying to find and eat?

I had my first experience with Chicken Fries and if you didn’t already know, I like them. Like, a lot. It’s kind of a problem now. I know everyone makes a big deal about the Pumpkin Spiced Latte coming back every fall but I don’t know guys, I kind of think this is a bigger deal.

You see, you have chicken. And then you have french fries. And then you take the best elements of both and you combine them into several heavenly pieces of deliciousness.

I would like to meet the creator of Chicken Fries because whoever they are is a freakin’ genius – a culinary master – a true innovator of all things fried and perfect. Chicken Fries are amazing. Chicken Fries are love. Chicken Fries are a way of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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