14 Benefits Of Having A Super Outgoing Friend When You’re The Awkward Introvert


1. Your social circle is always expanding. They can introduce you to people you might have otherwise not known. Your friend is always socializing and meeting new people and just knows when she’s met someone who would be perfect for you.

2. Since you get your energy in different ways you keep each other balanced and you’re able to draw from two different perspectives.

3. You know they’ll always be there to help fill those awkward pauses in conversations that you’re secretly plagued by. You hate having small talk or feeling the pressure to say something but your friend is great at jump starting a conversation or helping everyone feel comfortable by keeping the conversation going.

4. You’re always the mysterious one. Being the quiet one in the friendship draws attention and intrigue. People are always sort of curious to know what your story is or what’s behind the silence. Your friend loves you even more for not caring that they’re always the star of the show.

5. They keep you entertained. It seems like they’re always doing something exciting or downright silly. When you’re feeling down about something they always know just the thing to get you out of your head.

6. You never have to guess how they’re feeling because they tell you. Your friend wears their heart on their sleeve and that’s one of the reasons you love them so much. They’re naturally expressive and never keep anything bottled up.

7. They’re always the first to know about the latest event or party happening. Whether it’s a new restaurant opening or a spontaneous party happening last minute you know you can count on them to think of something to do when you guys are bored.

8. They have you laughing non-stop. They’re always saying something completely ridiculous or amusing and no one can make you bust out laughing like they can. Even in the most tedious situations you can count on them to find the humor in what’s going on.

9. Your friend is better at making faster decisions. Whereas you usually take time to really think things through your friend is more spontaneous in their approach. They don’t overthink things and you know sometimes that is a serious blessing.

10. They’re the life of every party. Even if you don’t mind being the center of attention once in awhile it takes the pressure off of you having a friend who is so comfortable in the spotlight. Your friend enjoys the energy from being the one everyone’s paying attention to and you appreciate being able to sit back and observe.

11. You find inspiration in the way they approach life. They aren’t afraid to be themselves and just put themselves out there. Their positive attitude is contagious and you love how they take risks without fear of failure.

12. They make the best wingman/wingwoman. Anytime you’re feeling a bit shy or awkward about approaching someone to talk to they always have your back when it comes to introducing you to someone or putting in a good word about you.

13. Your friend is the first to brag about your accomplishments to others. You hate talking about yourself and even though you can find it slightly embarrassing, you also love how proud your friend is of you and how eager they are to gush about you.

14. They’re great at networking and seem to always know someone who can help you or others out. Anytime you talk about a project or discuss how you need to get people together for a particular event they already have a ton of people in mind to put you in touch with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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