The Cost Of Freedom In Relationships

Image - Flickr / joestpierre
Image – Flickr / joestpierre

A has been contacting me rather regularly, sneaking away to talk to me in cafes. Last night he asked, “Do you know why I talk to you so often?” I said “Because we’re friends?”  He went on to say his wife doesn’t allow him to have friends, particularly women, but if he was allowed to I would be “at the top of his list.”

I’m sure that was supposed to be a compliment of some sort although to be quite honest I didn’t really care about the conversation. It was one of those times when someone is talking and you’re hearing them but really, you’re a million miles away thinking about someone else.

I thought, how strange. Why would anyone marry someone like that? His wife pays all of their bills and doesn’t require him to work so maybe that’s what makes it worth it for him. What price are you willing to pay for personal freedom in a relationship? For some, like A, the price is very low – the cost of rent and a few cheap six packs of beer every week.

I guess our friendship, which is possibly one of many secrets he keeps from his wife, allow him to live a little. He said, “When I talk to you I just feel like myself again. I feel free.” He needs to be careful though. I’m not the kind of girl who likes to indulge in these sort of affairs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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