Drunk Man Pretends To Be Airport Security, Gropes Random Women


Airports are already bad enough but airport screening just became every woman’s worst nightmare. Police arrested an unnamed man at the San Francisco airport after he posed as a TSA agent and began asking random women to step into his booth for a private pat down.

The 53-year-old man got drunk in the airport and since he was wearing a typical TSA agent uniform of khakis and a blue polo he thought it would be amusing to steal a pair of blue gloves and job shadow for the day.

The man successfully convinced one woman to enter a private room with him where he then began to grope her. It wasn’t until the guy tried bringing a second woman into the room that TSA agents actually noticed him, called police, and had him arrested.

So far, no one knows details about how he took advantage of the first victim. She left as soon as he was arrested to make her flight in time.

It’s nice to know the only thing a random needs to pull off sexual assault in an airport is a pair of blue gloves and a shitty outfit, yet God forbid anyone try and bring too much shampoo and toothpaste on the plane. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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