27 Things You’ll Miss About America When You Travel Abroad

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1. 24 hour convenience. Being able to have basically anything you want at anytime, whether it’s a huge breakfast at 2 a.m. at a diner with your friends or needing to run to the grocery store.

2. Personal space.

3. Reese’s peanut butter cups.

4. Chipotle.

5. Air conditioning and heat.

6. Root beer.

7. And also, root beer floats. No one knows what these are. :-/

8. Good sushi, although this obviously depends on what part of the world you’re currently traveling in.

9. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. WHY is this not a thing anywhere else?

10. Friendly customer service.

11. Bagels.

12. Hot showers available anytime.

13. Complimentary iced water.

14. Complimentary bread baskets.

15. Random strangers asking you how you are on the street. People in general being overly nice and polite. (Again, totally depends on what part of the world you’re traveling).

16. Being able to wear basically whatever you want in public and just being accepted. Mocked, probably, but you won’t get asked to leave if you’re wearing shorts.

17. A decent cheeseburger.

18. Coffee on the go anytime.

19. Access to so much awful yet amazingly delicious fried foods.

20. Things happening on time and when planned instead of 2-3 hours behind schedule.

21. Consistent electricity and wifi.

22. Screened windows.

23. Public drinking fountains.

24. Free re-fills for days.

25. Doggy bags.

26. American style breakfasts.

27. Free public bathrooms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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