25 Undeniably Awful Things That Ruin Every Girl’s Summer


1. Boob sweat.

2. Having your period on the beach.

3. Having your period when it’s a million degrees out.

4. Having your period when it’s a million degrees out and not having A/C.

5. Getting your period while wearing anything white or pastel colored.

6. Melted lipgloss.

7. Even worse, melted chocolate.

8. Even twice as worse, melted chocolate when you’re getting your period.

9. The sheer fuckery of strapless bras.

10. The heating blanket that long hair turns into during the summer.

11. Regular body hair maintenance for those of us who shave.

12. The torture that is using any sort of heat-styling tool on your hair, even in A/C, because somehow you always end up sweating and exhausted afterwards.

13. Figuring out how to look good while sitting in a bathing suit.

14. Thigh sweat that makes your clothes stick awkwardly to your body.

15. Wearing a romper and having to pee really really bad.

16. Wearing a romper and figuring out how one begins to look cute in a romper.

17. Chaffing.

18. Never understanding where your hair ties and bobby pins go but always needing them at the worst times.

19. The laughable attempt at trying to maintain any sort of look other than “sweaty monster” on days above 80 degrees.

20. Smeared makeup.

21. Smeared makeup but not realizing it til way later.

22. Weird tan lines from bathing suits and sandals.

23. Getting catcalled every time you walk outside because summer.

24. Crop tops – why are they a thing?

25. Styling your hair perfectly then walking outside into 100% humidity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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