17 Signs Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

Flickr // jitterousperth
Flickr // jitterousperth

1. You love all of his favorite sport teams just because they’re his sports teams. You grew up going to the games with him and cheering with him during every goal. Even if you think there are better teams out there you love these teams just because they’re your dad’s.

2. You enjoy taking on random projects with him. Your dad is always working on some project around the house and you enjoy the time spent together when you help him out.

3. You think he’s hilarious. You love his super cheesy dad humor and he always has you cracking up with some silly quip or comment about something.

4. His advice weighs more on you than anyone else’s. He’s always there to give love and support so when you go to him with a tough problem or something you’re dealing with, you know he’s always going to be the one to give it to you straight.

5. He’s the best person to drink with. He has so many stories from his past that listening to him talk about life while you two drink a couple beers is easily one of your favorite things to do.

6. You always compare your boyfriends to him. Your father is the most important man in your life and you think he’s pretty awesome, so naturally when you’re dating people you think about how they measure up.

7. You always take each other’s side.  You know your mom gets so annoyed with this but whatever, you know when something comes up your dad has your back and you always have his.

8. You love being super goofy together. Your dad is the person you can be completely and utterly silly with and he’s not only going to not judge you, but he’ll egg you on and join in on the fun.

9. You had your first beer or drink with him. He knew you were going to experiment with drinking eventually and instead of waiting until you tried it with your friends he wanted to be there to make sure you were safe.

10. You have inside jokes you love sharing together. Your mom is constantly giving you guys the side eye but you both love that you have these little jokes together no one really understands.

11. He never judges you but knows how to give tough love when you need it. You know you can tell him anything but if you’re doing something stupid or reckless, he’s going to be the first person to let you know.

12. He’s the best person to travel with. You two can go on long road trips and explore new places and you know he’s always up for anything.

13. He’s the first person you call when you have exciting news. When you get a new job or have an achievement he’s always the first person you can’t wait to share the news with.

14. He knows how to pick you up when you fall down. When everything in life seems to be falling apart or you just aren’t sure how you’re going to get through something your dad is always there to give you the love and support you need the most. Somehow he just knows how to make you feel like everything’s going to be okay.

15. You enjoy sharing your favorite TV shows and movies with each other. You’re always surprised by the random or obscure things your dad gets into. He’s always telling you about something he found on Netflix you wouldn’t have ever considered watching.

16. You’re always trying to make each other laugh. When you find a funny gif or YouTube video you know you have to send it to your dad right away.

17. You actually love hanging out with him and your friends together. Your friends think he’s hilarious and hanging out with your friends make him feel young again. You always extend an invitation when your friends are doing something your dad might enjoy too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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