17 Reasons Schmidt Is Every Girl’s Ultimate Dreamboat

New Girl
New Girl

1. Okay, first thing’s first – he’s absolutely adorable.

2.  The man knows how to cook a great meal.

3. And let’s be honest, he has impeccable style.

4. He coins his own hilarious catch phrases. “Schmidt happens” is obviously the best one he’s come up with thus far.

5. He might be a douche at times but at least he owns it and makes up for it in other ways.

6. Despite being an ultimate bro he’s actually a super nice guy underneath it all.

7. As seen with CeCe, he’ll go to crazy lengths to prove how much he cares for a girl.

8. He probably has better beauty products than anyone else.

New Girl
New Girl

9. He can pull off any look and make it look sexy – even dressed as Santa or as a cowboy.

10. Somehow his egotistical attitude is incredibly endearing.

11. He isn’t afraid to be totally ridiculous to get a reaction out of his friends.

12. He loves taking any moment to celebrate, especially when it’s celebrating himself.

13. He’s a killer dancer and has some incredible moves.

14. He’s always there for his friends and will do anything to help them feel better.

New Girl
New Girl

15. He absolutely can’t stand youths.

16. He’s a total fat kid at heart. “WE BUILT THIS SCHMITY ON TOOTSIE ROLLLS.”

17. He owns driving moccasins and isn’t afraid to admit it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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