13 Signs You’re So Ready For Fall To Get Here

Image - Flickr / tomokyo-blue
Image – Flickr / tomokyo-blue

1. You’re completely over iced coffee. You’re counting down the days when you can get a Pumpkin Spice Latte or other favorite seasonal drink. (September 2nd is the date, btw).

2. You get ridiculously excited every time your favorite store sends out a sneak-peek of their fall collection via email.

3. You’ve already started shopping for the perfect pair of fall boots.

4. You get a sense of longing every time you see a Tumblr post of someone in a cozy, oversized sweater.

5. Actually just seeing anyone in layers, sweaters, or scarves makes you wish you could ditch your shorts and tank tops.

6. You’ve already started talking to your friends about possible Halloween costumes.

7. Everyone’s going off on their summer vacations but you’re dreaming of taking off in October because you know that’s the best time to travel.

8. You’ve been busy on Pinterest pinning all of your favorite autumn themed pictures and recipes to get ready for the season.

9. Just thinking about eating one more salad depresses you. You’re ready for pumpkin and apple flavored anything and everything.

10. Everyone’s still talking about going to the beach but between going to the cider mill, pumpkin carving, and going on weekend trips through the countryside to see the foliage you seriously can’t wait to plan so many fall related events with everyone.

11. You get excited when you wake up and it’s a bit chilly out because you know THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT’S GOING TO BE ALL THE TIME SOON.

12. You’ve joined a fantasy football league and can’t wait for all things football to start happening – tailgate parties, Friday night games, etc.

13. When you wander around somewhere, either a park or through downtown, you think about how much more beautiful it’s going to look when fall comes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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