15 Things You Learn Watching Pretty Little Liars


1. There is a place in the world where everyone is really, really good looking and effortlessly flawless. That place is known as Rosewood, PA or basically any cast on ABC Family.

2. If your friend is murdered or goes missing you best have an unlimited text plan for when you start getting texts from beyond the grave.

3. A lasagna box in the kitchen is the absolute worst place to store stolen money. Just saying.

4. Alex Mack is a fully formed adult now and has a terribly unflattering haircut.

5. It’s surprisingly incredibly easy to break in and out of places one would not have once thought was that easy: insane asylums, police stations, principal offices, etc.

6. Older sister’s former boyfriends or fiancés make great kissers. As do English teachers.

7. If there is a keeper of impeccable eyebrows her name is Aria Montgomery.

8. Never trust anyone in a red coat. Or with long blonde hair. Or with washboard abs. Basically, don’t trust anyone because anyone at any point could be A and just like God and Santa, A is watching your every move.

9. You can find out someone’s been sleeping in your basement and be completely unfazed.

10. Some couples actually can have the same haircut and not look weird. RIP Caleb + Hannah’s matching weaves circa Season 3.

11. People who try to drown you make for a great significant other. What? No. Why the hell did Emily date that psycho?

12. Adam Lambert will totally show up to your high school Halloween party and flirt with you.

13. It’s normal for all grown and successful men to go after high school girls. It’s not creepy at all.

14. When A is after you things like getting into college or figuring out life after graduation just seem to stop being a pressing issue really.

15. People can come into your life then vanish never to be seen or heard from again. RIP Dr. Sullivan, evil step-sister Kate, Ezra’s hot younger brother, Holden, Lucas, and other random characters that made an appearance. Miss you, bbs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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