13 Signs Your Strongest Relationship Is With Your Netflix Account

1. You absolutely couldn’t care less what you do on Valentine’s Day this year as long as it’s you spending undivided quality time with the new season of House of Cards and then maybe like, some tacos and a bag of candy or something.

2. You sometimes bail on friends so you can go home and cuddle up with a pint of ice cream and Netflix streaming.

3. You don’t even remember life before Netflix streaming, tbh.

4. You’re pretty sure Netflix is the only one in your life that doesn’t actively judge your binge watching habits. You can spend an entire weekend with The Office while refusing to acknowledge the existence of pants and you see no reason why this would be wrong. Because it isn’t.

5. You feel a warm wave of comfort and nostalgia come over you every time the Netflix home screen loads.

6. Greta Gerwig once said, “This will make me sound crazy, but I think right now my great love is movies and I think I would be devastated if movies broke up with me,” and you totally know how she feels.

7. When someone suggests hanging out you inadvertently always try and get Netflix involved. You suggest watching a movie at your place, which really just means a chance to watch more Netflix.

8. You start to feel that heightened sense of anxiety and panic when the TV show you’re currently into only has a few available episodes left to watch in the series.

9. You genuinely enjoy how Netflix gets you out of your comfort zone. Whereas once upon a time you wouldn’t normally say yes to things like Extreme Cheapskates or Randy To The Rescue now you’re totally down for trashy TV because you know deep down it feels so right.

10. There’s a rush of euphoria you experience every time someone else expresses mutual love and respect for one of your favorite shows on Netflix.

11. You start working on something on your computer only to start thinking, “hmm…what’s on Netflix.”

12. You believe your #1 babe knows you better than anyone else. At the end of a long day you can come home and Netflix will have a selection of your favorite TV shows or recommended movies to watch and that, you believe, is the greatest love of all.

13. You’ve felt legit sadness in your heart when Netflix has removed various items from their streaming and you still feel the pain from the unexpected loss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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