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29 Incredibly Relatable Quotes From ‘Girls’ That Will Make Any 20-Something Feel Less Alone

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Everyone’s a dumb whore. – Shoshanna
When I broke up with my girlfriend from college — SO sad. I lost 30 pounds, and I couldn’t move or talk or get my dick hard. BUT, it also made me go, “Hey. Who am I and what do I want?” And then I was like BOOM. I know who I am. I wanted to switch majors, and buy a circular saw, and I promised myself that I’d follow my gut, no matter what. And I do what makes me feel good. – Adam
Sometimes being stuck in my own head is so exhausting that it makes me want to cry. – Marnie
I don’t even want a boyfriend. I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me. – Hannah
All that matters are that your rising signs are compatible, the sex is decent, and he supports you creatively. – Jessa
It’s like, “Sorry I passed you an STD but I really enjoy your quirky web presence.” – Hannah
It’s hard to tell someone so young that things don’t always end up the way you thought they’d be. – Ray
I really care about you and I don’t want to anymore because it feels too shitty for me. – Hannah
I don’t like women telling other women what to do or how to do it or when to do it. – Jessa
Please don’t tell anyone this, but I wanna be happy. – Hannah
I just wish someone would tell me, like, “This is how the rest of your life should look.” – Marnie
Why didn’t you stand up for me? Why weren’t you there? Why can’t you do one single thing you say you’re going to do? You act like you want me to come see you, but you don’t know how to have me here. You don’t know how to deal with it. You don’t know to even have a conversation with me. – Jessa, to her deadbeat father
I’m an individual and I feel how I feel when I feel it. – Hannah
What makes me worth dating? What makes me worth fucking anything?” – Ray
I don’t hate your friends. I’m just not interested in anything they have to say. – Adam
You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there every day, even on the days you don’t feel like it. – Jessa
I have enough trouble focusing where to place my attention on one person’s body. – Hannah on threesomes.
I can’t be surrounded by your negativity while I’m trying to grow into a fully formed woman. – Shoshanna
Is this the game? You chase me like I’m the fucking Beatles for 6 months and then when I finally get comfortable with things you wanna shrug? – Adam
I can never tell if guys are attractive in a loserly way or if they’re just losers. – Hannah
I’m a difficult person. Everyone’s a difficult person. She was accepting of my brand of different. She was okay with it. – Adam
I may be deflowered but I am not devalued. – Shoshanna
No one could ever hate me as much as I hate myself, okay? So any mean thing someone’s gonna think of to say about me, I’ve already said to me, about me, probably in the last half hour!-Hannah
You never ask me anything besides, ‘Does this feel okay,’ or ‘Do you like my skirt,’ ‘How much is your rent?’ You don’t want to know me. You want to come over in the night and have me fuck the dog shit out of you and then leave and write about it in your diary. – Adam
Sometimes being really good all the time feels really bad. But I’m on a journey. It’s my journey and I’m okay. – Marnie
Usually when people say they wanna be a writer they really don’t wanna do anything except, ya know, eat and masturbate. – Ray
I think I just feel how everyone feels – which is I have three or four really great folk albums in me. – Hannah
I’m attracted to everyone when I first meet them. And then it wears off. It always wears off. – Jessa
When we are together, he’s SO there, and he’s SO present, and then… he disappears for 2 weeks, and doesn’t answer any of my text messages, and I feel as though I invented him. – Hannah TC Mark
image – HBO’s Girls
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