19 Signs You’re Addicted To Christmas

1. Your Christmas spirit starts full force after Halloween. The lights, the music, the tree – everything is fair game. Thanksgiving is cool but that’s just a breather before the final festive stretch of the year.

2. You don’t really understand the craze over Pumpkin Spice Lattes because the only latte you care about is covered in peppermint sprinkles, mint flavored, and served in a red cup.

3. You’ve been pinning Christmas craft ideas and recipes to your holiday themed boards on Pinterest since the summer.

4. You honestly don’t understand people who can’t or refuse to get into the Christmas spirit.

5. Your private sessions on Spotify after January are just Mariah Carey and Michael Buble’s Christmas albums on repeat.

6. You ask your friends and family what they want for Christmas and they’re like, “uhm…it’s July.”

7. The Norad Santa Tracker is your life force on December 24th.

8. You don’t really see the point of taking down Christmas lights after the holiday, tbh.

9. Your pets have been wearing holiday themed outfits since November.

10. You believe Christmas themed activities are the best kind of activities – making gingerbread houses, eating candy canes, decorating the tree, etc.

11. Sometimes when you’re sitting at a coffee shop in December wearing an oversized sweater drinking hot cocoa with the snow falling softly out the window you like to pretend you’re in one of those Christmas-y Tumblr posts that’s been reblogged a bunch of times.

12. You’re pretty sure on the 8th day God created tins of the glorious Peppermint Bark.

13. You believe the best thing about Netflix is the countless Christmas movies available to watch and even take pleasure out of watching the really, really bad ones. You just love Christmas so much!

14. You know the second best day to Christmas is the day after when stores put all of their Christmas goodies 75% off.

15. You look forward to Christmas break or your next day off so you can spend the whole time in bed feasting upon hours upon hours of amazing Christmas programming – especially the one made for TV Christmas movie starring Dawson James Van Der Beek that’s always on the Hallmark channel.

16. You take your Christmas sweaters seriously and have been searching the racks of your local consignment shops in search of the perfect one to wear this year.

17. When you find out some of your friends share your enthusiasm for Christmas your mind starts racing with all of the amazing Christmas themed things you guys can do together.

18. You shriek in happiness the first time you hear Christmas music playing when you’re at a coffee shop or out shopping.

19. You genuinely feel offended when someone asks you, “Isn’t it a little early for Christmas?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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