17 Awesome Signs Jessica Day Is Your Soul Sister

1. You like to sing to yourself a lot. Like, a lot.

2. Your stripper name may or may not be Tiger Boobs.

3. While PMSing you feel that inexplicable mix of wanting to murder someone while also wanting soft pretzels.

4. You use strange accents and voices during sex and you don’t think it’s weird at all.

5. You believe you’re always the one who loves more in relationships.

6. You’ve been known to belt out in song while trying to awkwardly do a strip tease.

7. Pretty much everything you do is awkward or weird but it’s okay because everyone knows that’s just your thing. Except the people who don’t know you, in which case you profusely embarrass yourself on the regular.

8. Dirty Dancing is your go to movie to binge watch after a breakup.

9. You’ve made up your own theme song and sing it regularly.

10. You think the best thing about being unemployed or not having a steady commitment to be somewhere is the fact your boobs don’t have to be put in boob jail.

11. You’ve been known to fall over just standing there.

12. You’re in love with your roommate or a good friend but are in denial over it because you don’t want to mess up your friendship.

13. You believe you’ll probably die alone and talk about it all the time.

14. When you’re upset about something your favorite thing to do is drink blush wine and listen to Taylor Swift alone.

15.  You always seem to be into dudes that are afraid of success and who have a bit of a bubble belly going on.

16.  You don’t care if someone throws shade your way because you like who you are and you’re not going to change.

17. You believe you can be a strong feminist without having to sacrifice your love of all things girly like hats made of ribbons or checks with baby farm animals on them. TC Mark

image – New Girl


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