13 Moments Only Fans Of Sons Of Anarchy Can Understand

WARNING: If you haven’t watched the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy read at your own risk because that last episode was so intense and full of feels and should not be spoiled.

Sons of Anarchy is kind of an amazing show in the way one would never think a story about an outlaw biker gang in California could be that riveting. Guns? Gang rape? Some random hot British actor? The mom from Married With Children? Who knew those things were the recipe for an incredibly well crafted show? I got hooked after dude and his brother convinced me to start watching it with them during a marathon viewing session and I haven’t looked back.

As we prepare for what happens in the final episodes of season six let’s take a second to remember all of those moments only fans of Jax, Gemma, Clay, and the rest of the crew can understand.

1. The utter annoyance when Jax starts a sentence with, “I promise…” You’ve already made so many promises, Jax! We can’t take any more lies.

2. Experiencing all of the heart feelings when Opie died. I’m still not over it. He was such a sweet dreamboat.

3. Side eyeing Gemma every time she starts scheming on Wendy or Tara for her own personal gain. Really, Gemma, really? You’re like 50. Stop being a mean girl.

4. The sheer disbelief every time Clay manipulates or screws someone over in ways that one thought could never be topped in earlier episodes.

5. Feeling bad for Tigg because everything bad that could possibly happen always happens to him.

6. Cringing so hard during all the uncomfortable prison scenes between Otto and Tara. And they were all uncomfortable.

7. Thinking “WTF?” when Tara masturbated after smelling Otto’s dead wife’s perfume.

8. Knowing Jax will probably never be able to change the club, regardless of how good his intentions originally were, and watching him slowly become just like or worse than Clay.

9. Feeling every single part of your heart breaking when Tigg witnessed his daughter being burned alive.

10. Wondering just who the hell Jax had become when he decided to shoot up Wendy against her will.

11. Wanting to give Wayne a hug when he stares at Gemma with those big eyes filled with unrequited love.

12. The complete confusion of wondering why you had so many conflicted heart feelings when Jax shot Clay. We know Clay should have been dead a long time ago but watching him stare into Gemma’s eyes right before getting shot in the neck…so sad!

13. The moment when you considered just how drunk you’d be if you took a shot every time someone called each other “brother.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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