41 Instantly Relaxing Things


1. Dogs or cats – petting them, looking at them, loving them.

2. Videos of sloths being adorable.

3. Long baths.

4. The sound of rain while sleeping.

5. Full House reruns.

6. Walking around the house naked.

7. Having someone else cook one of your favorite meals.

8. Putting on your favorite cozy over-sized sweater.

9. Getting a massage.

10. Watching the snow fall from your window.

11. Lighting a million candles around your bath.

12. Wine – any and all.

13. Ice cream – again, any and all.

14. Finally hitting the sheets after a ridiculously long or hard day.

15. Falling asleep with someone you really love/care about.

16. Venting to your best friend about something that really pissed you off.

17. Dancing alone in your room.

18. Ordering your favorite food and binge watching Netflix.

19. Putting on pajamas fresh from the dryer.

20. Stepping out of the shower and into a cozy bathrobe.

21. Not leaving said bathrobe all day long.

22. Cuddling.

23. Drinking your favorite overpriced, over-caloried latte.

24. That moment when you decide to say “fuck off” to your diet.

25. Reading a book you’re really into or excited to start.

26. Masturbating.

27. Finally reaching your destination after a long journey.

28. Drinking a glass or five of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

29. Sitting next to a fireplace.

30. Afternoon naps. Morning naps. All the naps.

31. At home facials.

32. Having someone come up and hug you from behind.

33. Taking a long shower with new products you’re excited to try.

34. Anything ocean related – listening to it, smelling it, looking at it.

35. Taking the time to really cook a great meal at home.

36. Meditating/praying/etc.

37. Taking a day off to treat yourself after you’ve been killing it at work/school.

38. Going to a candle store and smelling everything then buying favorite smells.

39. Having a really great conversation with one of your family members on the phone.

40. Waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking.

41. Watching episodes of Too Cute! on Animal Planet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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