44 Incredible Things That Make Life Even Better

1. Road trips.

2. Going out for milkshakes.

3. Bringing home a new pet.


4. When Netflix has a new season of your favorite TV show available.

5. Waterparks.

6. When your cat curls up on your chest and starts purring.

7. Warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.


8. Midnight bonfires.

9. Afternoon naps.

10. Lighting your favorite candle and reading a good book cuddled up with a blanket.

11. Water balloon fights.

12. Exploring a new city for the first time.


13. Drive-in movies.

14. Curly fries.

15. Playing in the snow with your dog.

16. Root beer floats.

17. The silence after a snowstorm.

18. Passport stamps.


19. Ice cream, any kind, doesn’t matter.

20. Going to the midnight premiere of a movie you’re really excited about.

21. Pajamas fresh out of the dryer, especially in the winter.

22. Looking at the stars on a clear night.

23. The inner part of a cinnamon roll.


24. Getting a spare onion ring or tater tot in your fry bag.

25. Lazy Sundays.

26. Celebrating your pet’s birthday.

27. Bacon.

Dinner Series
Dinner Series

28. Adding sprinkles and whipped cream to your hot cocoa.

29. When you see a barista coming out with free samples at a café you’ve been studying at all night.

30. Having an awesome hair day with minimal effort.

31. Easter baskets.

32. Booking your first international plane ticket.

33. Getting an aroma of amazing smells when you walk into your parent’s house on Thanksgiving.

34. Sloths.


35. Meeting someone for the first time and instantly hitting it off.

36. Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay biscuits.

37. Seeing a blanket of clouds beneath you as you’re flying in an airplane.

38. Warming your hands with a cup of your favorite hot drink.

» Zitona «
» Zitona «

39. Putting your hand out the window while you’re in a car and feeling the wind between your fingers.

40. Getting an unexpected gift or note from someone you love.

41. Buying a travel guide and getting excited over all the pictures, knowing you’ll be there soon.


42. When someone looks at you and does a double take.

43. Trying a new Pinterest recipe and having it turn out great.

44. Eating all your favorite foods on your birthday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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