An Open Letter To Anyone Obsessed With Their Celebrity Crush

/ Melanie Van Leeuwen

This is for the people who will never be loved back by the ones they love most.

You looked at the universe from a whole new perspective the moment you first saw his smiling face.

Somehow, the sun shines a little brighter in the morning while the stars seem to lose their light — all because of one person.

His smile is the reason why you wake up feeling warm without the sun hitting your face. Forget having breakfast. The butterflies in your gut are oddly making you feel too full, but in a very good way.

Your face almost splits in half as he invades your thoughts first thing in the morning and most probably, he won’t leave until the moment you sleep.

His voice is as warm as your morning coffee, embracing you through the rainy days and helping you get through the tiring sleepless nights.

His voice is of an angel whose soul is being poured into every word he sings, lulling you to endless comfort and slumber and making you find home somewhere you’ve never been to.

These are the things that make love so blissful and you hope that they won’t ever end. You hope that love is always this light.

But when the sun sets and your day ends, you lay down in bed as reality kisses you good night.

He won’t love you back. He will be smiling, but you won’t be the sole reason why. He will be singing, but he won’t sing for you. He will be out there living his dream and snatching hearts while you sit in front of a computer screen, writing letters he won’t even get to read.

You will know every little thing about him, notice all the little details, and memorize him in every possible way. You will know all the lyrics to all of his songs, remember all of the words he’s said. You will find them endearing, but he won’t know a thing about you.

“It’s fine,” you convince yourself, but deep down it is heart-wrenching to know that the person who makes you feel like life is worth living is someone who doesn’t even know about your very existence.

Your friends might tell you that he loves you and that he’s really lucky to have you and you’ll always reply with a smile and “I’m still luckier to have him” but you know better than believe a lie just because you can’t stand the painful truth.

He doesn’t love you, and you know it all too well, including the pain that comes with it.

But you know better than to give up on him, because he deserves to be loved unconditionally. And you deserve to know how to love in this wonderful way.

You deserve to learn how to love selflessly, without asking anything in return but just for him to be happy, because he is your happiness personified.

All you ever want is for him to be loved — even if that means burning yourself out for you have finally found the right person to fall in love with.

He deserves your love — and he may not return the love that you give him but someday, to you, someone else will.

Until that person comes your way, hold on to him for as long as you can. And during that time, love him just as hard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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