6 Signs You’re A Game-Changing Millennial Feminist

What does that even mean? I’ve just combined two amorphous concepts more fit for demographics collection. Advertisers, researchers and the media have a hard time neatly categorizing either label but there’s definitely a growing sector of this new type of amazing, digitally savvy and diverse breed. Whether it’s from womens’ collegiate studies or IRL… here’s one insight from a young-ish woman in this day and age:

We appreciate

First and foremost, there’s an understanding of where the various waves of the feminist movement came from and we champion the preceding generations’ triumphs a la Gloria Steinem, but we also applaud and follow different current role models like Mindy Kaling. We’re aware of an actively evolving conversation on the multicultural cross section of identity and gender issues. We have a wide range of knowledge.


We don’t feel guilty

So we enjoy indulging in The Bachelor and judging crazy behavior, then tweeting out poems about it. We love pizza so much we create GIFs professing our love for bread and cheese. We can absolutely love wearing makeup or leave it altogether. We’re unapologetic about our choice to say, kick off the high heels and sport the kicks.

We aren’t afraid

We pump our fists against conventional wisdom and stereotypes. We raise our collective voice in support of other disenfranchised groups or unresolved community issues. We’re refining ambitions – maybe I want to run a country and change countless lives around the world, maybe I want to run a family unit as a totally fulfilled housewife and mommy blogger.

We lift each other up

We tweet out each others’ projects, we mentor. We’re not afraid to share resources because what’s the point of insecure cattiness and emotional hoarding? We rise together, knowing our net worth is invaluable with every success story. I root for each fellow millennial feminists’ dreams to come true.

We’re royals

As independents building our brands, we work for our things. We’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit paired with passion, skills and the ambition. We have our own rules in our kingdom. We’ve got the power.

We reclaim

Redefine and question everything. Like it’s V-day everyday and we’re writing our own “Vagina Monologues.” All in all? We’re bitchin’. Here’s to the next generation leaning in and opting out at the same time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Featured image – Ko Im

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