When Love Is Finally Right

When Love Is Finally Right


The night is calm and warm. As I looked at the stars, I began to whisper my words of gratitude. I wanted to thank the universe for conspiring to give me the story I never thought I would be blessed with in this lifetime.

One day, you will be glad you trusted your life’s timeline. When everyone seemed to be going through the stages of their lives one after the other, there will come a point where you will feel stuck and wonder what on earth have you done wrong. Don’t give in, talk yourself out of the negativity and just go on. Trust your process. There is no need to rush.

Do not let anyone rush you into something you are not ready for. Do not rush love before it is ready for you.

Love shows up the moment you stop looking for it, or in some cases, when you start to feel like giving up on it.

Love, surprisingly, is nowhere near as what you thought it would be.

Love doesn’t come in hearts and suits but sneaks out rather silently— in the middle of the night or maybe before the dawn breaks.

Love may not present itself as love. It could be an unfamiliar comfort you feel safe in, or a gravitating force you strongly feel compelled into.

Love has finally arrived.

And it is nowhere near as what I envisioned it to be.

Love came when I thought I won’t stumble upon it again.

Love came in the form of conversations that happened to find its way to my core, to that part I don’t even know still existed within me. It slowly uncovered the parts I used to hide from anyone— even from myself.

Love is messy. The kind of messy that sends shivers down my spine and makes perfection a myth I used to believe in.

Slowly the stars danced and aligned before me, finally forming the face my soul has known long before I set my gaze upon it.

Love has finally arrived.

It sees the wounds and scars the past have inflicted in me, not wanting to wipe it off my pages but trying to read and understand each line of my story.

All the maybe’s have turned into what is, the if’s turned into plans. The clouds of almosts have been made clear with intentions.

One day, you will be glad you trusted your life’s timeline.

And when your star finally falls, you will definitely know. Because after the long journey that has almost made you lose faith in love, you will eventually feel like you are exactly right where you should be — home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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