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If Timing Had Been On Our Side

Timing is a bitch, and we are its unfortunate casualties.

One moment everything seemed to conspire for us and just a moment later, things seemed to turn around completely.

It gave us everything and left us with nothing, not even the audacity to fight for what we could have been.

Every day I feel like we have been plotted out from a story where we used to be the main characters. Timing tricked us into believing that we were right in the perfect moment, finally reaching the point where all the lessons of mistakes and disappointments have led us.

I’ve been living behind my phone screen for quite a while now, leading myself to believe that we are still in the same story. I’m still trying to find the connection, that we effortlessly had back then, on what is currently happening in our lives.

Snapshots of your world without me can still make me smile and tear up at the same time. We used to be each other’s home. Now it feels like I’m peeking into a world I will never have the chance to belong to again. 

Same man. Same eyes. Same smile. Same expressions. Same little quirks. But not mine anymore. 

I wanted to speak with destiny and beg it to help us convince timing to be in favor of the story it started in the first place. I sometimes question the universe for giving us a dose of a world that we can never share until eternity. If we are fated to be just another wasted story, I’ll keep trying to ask for reconsideration until I run out of reasons.

If timing had been on our side, we would have been able to bring our unwritten story to life.

Life happens. And sometimes the things that we wanted to keep the most are the ones that we need to let go. 

We need to let go of the memory of the day we first met, when the stars aligned and danced for us.

We need to let go of the memory of our first kiss, when sparks flew and the sky has been our witness.

We need to let go of the memory of the way our bodies and soul connect, when the universe smiled and guided us.

We needed to let go of us. Because love, chemistry, and connection weren’t enough to keep our story alive.

We needed timing. If it had been on our side, perhaps we would have made it.

We would have made it if we were mature enough to keep us growing and our story going.

We would have made it if we knew how to set our priorities with both of our best interests in mind.

We would have made it if we knew how to handle the responsibility of keeping a relationship while strengthening our individuality and chasing our goals.

We were drowned in love and the promise of what we thought was destined for us.

If timing had been on our side, we wouldn’t have to end and live in separate worlds.

But if we have fought and understood enough, maybe timing would have done a little magic with its hands and would have given us what we deserve. TC mark

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