This Week‘s Collective Energy To Guide You Through The Covid-19 Pandemic

This Week’s Collective Internal Energy:

King Of Pentacles — Security

There is a strong pull for many of you to think hard about and plan for, financial and physical security right now. It’s not a terribly surprising card to see for the collective, given the circumstances. This tells me that many of you out there are either looking to get stable footing financially or are focusing your efforts on keeping yourself afloat until the course is righted again. Hang in there. Get sound financial advice if you need it. Get back to basics. Use common sense. If you’re working, approach work with honesty, dignity, and kindness. If you’re not working or looking for work, treat those you interact with or contact for opportunities with honesty, dignity, and kindness. Long-term, your efforts will be rewarded with positive personal growth, however difficult the circumstances may be for you at this time. You still hold the reigns. How you respond to approaching security at this time will be setting the stage for the energy you move forward with. In other words, you can let fear get the best of you and hoard all the TP on your next shopping trip to assuage your insecure feelings (temporarily). Or, you can be the kind of person who refers a friend in need of work for a position you hear about, share a roll of TP with a neighbor, and take things one day at a time. Who do you want to be?

Four Of Swords — More Inactivity or Withdrawal

No joke! Most of us will continue to live in a state of lockdown. Those who are able in the collective may as well embrace it. If you’re not an essential worker with a crazy schedule, or taking care of kids and working from home, then please continue to allow yourself to rest and relax. If you are among the super-busy, something may force you to relax also this week. Remember to recharge your own batteries for the sake of your mental and physical health. These are, indeed, strange times, but if you don’t take a respite from time to time, this card warns of burning out or getting ill—essentially life forcing you to take a seat on the sidelines. No one needs that, so just take good care of yourself as much as you possibly can this week, okay?

The Hanged Man — Suspended Animation

Universe, we know already! We’re not going anywhere. Got it. More of that energy this week, though you may be feeling an extra dose of energy and frustration at being unable to move, either physically or metaphorically. Energy-wise, you may feel like your feet are running, but some evil giant has picked you up by the waist so you can’t get anywhere. You may have ideas, ambition, or plans you want or even need to act on, but you can’t. This all amounts to feeling stuck. The opportunity in this card is that this “pause” on your life is allowing you to see things from a completely different point-of-view. You may either have a completely new take on what you enjoy or want to do, or a newfound appreciation or respect for what you used to do and now can’t. That’s not a lot of balm for those itching to get out of lockdown but it’s still an important aspect of all of this disruption. We can see things a whole lot more clearly now, even if everything is upside-down.

This Week’s Collective Energy: External

Queen of Swords — Autonomy & Independence

This week we will continue to see leaders practicing self-reliance. The Queen of Swords style of leadership relies on cool, rational thought and intellect (let’s hope this means trusting health/science experts). In the United States, I think we will continue to see a new blueprint for leadership emerge and it will be coming from independent state and city leaders. This card indicates moving away from an emotional response to a problem and relying on intelligence and informed advice. It may also suggest a strong female leader will be making headlines this week.

Nine of Pentacles —Self-Reliance

If the Queen of Swords had a sister, it would be the Nine of Pentacles. She’s the earthier bohemian poet while the QOS is more intellectual, dispassionate, yet decisive. However, both cards are remarkably similar and appearing back to back. Independence will be the dominating theme this week and it has a strong female energy signature. My sense is that we are learning something important at this time. A kind of “self-mastery,” which means we stop lamenting the fact that we must rely on ourselves and embrace it as true power. To see this collectively will really be something.

King of Swords — Truth & Authority

The King of Swords, much like the Queen of Swords, indicates a focus on intellect, analysis, data, and facts. The King of Swords is not a soft and cozy father figure. He doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. He will cut straight through the bullshit and get to the truth, whatever it may be. If these three cards prove to be the dominating force this week, we are going to see a big push toward finding and processing factual information. We will see many leaders of all tiers speaking truth to power when needed and setting plans based on data models rather than social or emotional pressure. They may continue working independently together, as well. Interesting week!

The Curve:

In honor of our friend, The Curve, which we are all trying to flatten, here’s your “curve” card this week: meditation inspiration or advice to help you flatten your own curve (i.e., internal obstacle).

The Universe — The World

We are all connected. This experience has succeeded in teaching us this important lesson. The pandemic has not concluded, but the imprint of the lesson on humanity has reached fulfillment. Trust that, however painful, this was and continues to be an important teaching for the human collective.

KJ Parish has been reading tarot cards for strangers for 15 years. While she believes we each play a vital role in shaping our lives, Tarot is exceptionally good as a reflective tool to provide guidance, insight, and different perspectives. This is a series of Tarot created specifically for coping during the global COVID-19 pandemic. May these readings bring you awareness and peace. Tarot for Coronavirus—This Week’s Collective Energy To Guide You Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

KJ Parish is a designer and the Art Director for Thought Catalog Books.

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