Introducing The Thought Catalog Times: Halloween Edition, Issue 01

The Thought Catalog Times (Volume 01, Issue 01) is a Halloween treat from your friends at Thought Catalog Books. This inaugural issue features a fold-out 30  x 22.75 inch poster illustrated by Daniella Urdinlaiz depicting an infamous cast of serial killers playing poker as well as a selection of our best horror writing.

A copy of The Thought Catalog Times will ship out with every book order  through Halloween. Get yours today by visiting Shop Catalog, and might we suggest buying Severe(d), a creepy poetry collection with beautifully morbid illustration that glows in the dark? Treat yourself or the horror fan in your life this Halloween, and don’t forget to turn out the lights.

Get a free copy of The Thought Catalog Times with your purchase of Severe(d), a creepy poetry collection written by Holly Riordan.

The Thought Catalog Times will ship with all book orders placed on through October 31st.

KJ Parish

KJ Parish is a designer and the Art Director for Thought Catalog Books.

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