Hollywood’s Fuckgirl, Jennifer Lawrence, Just Issued This Terrible ‘Apology’ For Her Recent Offensive Remarks


Jennifer Lawrence is an average actress. YEP, I SAID IT.

Deal with it. Accept it. Breathe.

(But don’t get me wrong, I think she was fantastic in Winter’s Bone.)

So far, the only reasons I’ve been able to figure out as to why people like her are as follows:

  1. She openly talks about eating food.
  2. She openly talks about eating food.
  3. She pretends she’s awkward and not, in fact, a stunning and rich movie star.


Now, I’m all for a good joke. I like things that are raunchy and of poor taste. I love sexual humor and women with loud, unapologetic mouths. Trust me, I am not the type to get my feathers ruffled easily.

But JLaw, girl, really?

For those who don’t know, Jenny-Not-At-All-From-The-Block got in trouble for an interview on The Graham Norton Show in which she detailed “scratching her butt” on sacred Hawaiian rocks and laughing it off, all super disrespectfully. She also very cavalierly talks about a rock almost killing a crew member in her typical, “Lol, what can I say?! I’m Jennifer Lawrence!” type way. Um, that’s not funny. Safety on set is a serious thing. If you’re going for a laugh, almost killing a crew member is a pretty shitty punchline.

Jennifer, you’ve become the absolute woooooorst.

And yeah, we all make mistakes. Sure. I’ll give you that.

But this was so blatantly disrespectful. Really? Girl, you thought joking about rubbing your asshole all over something that is sacred to the land you’re currently using would be all Ha-Ha funny? Where the fuck was your publicist?

As celebs do when they mess up, she “apologized.” I used quotes because it was a terrible apology.


Yet again,


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