19 Women Share The Seriously Cringeworthy Thing A Partner Did During Sex

David Cohen
David Cohen

1. “He kept calling me the wrong name. Which is insulting in itself. But then as I was calling an Uber to go home, he apologized and said, “It’s not like I was thinking about a different girl. Lisa is my mom’s name.” Ew.” — Layla, 27

2. “He stopped mid-thrust and started crying. And not like a glistening, “I’m so sensitive” tear. Full sobs. I tried asking what was wrong and he just cried harder. It was one of the weirdest moments of my life. I’m still not sure what happened.” — Daria, 30

3. “He spit in my eye. Didn’t ask if he could. Just did it. I was so grossed out.” — Dylan, 24

4. “He sat on me and farted. On purpose.” — Kate, 32

5. “He was silent and maintained intense eye contact the entire time. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was just creepy. When I say silent, I mean COMPLETELY silent. I didn’t even know when he finished.” — Mel, 23

6. “I was very casually dating this girl who was into the whole witch / coven thing. I thought it was mostly a joke, the way women these days all call themselves witches. She was going down on me and then legit started talking in tongues. It was alarming.” — T, 27

7. “It didn’t happen during sex, but right after. The sex was mediocre. We’d been on a few dates and I’m pretty sure neither of us were really feeling it. As I was putting my clothes on, he started trying to clear the phlegm in his throat. Like okay, that’s fine. We’ve all had to do that. But then he spit right on the floor. Not in the bathroom or into a paper towel. Just on the floor. I did not see him again after that.” — Sharai, 25

8. “I still can’t tell this story without simultaneously cringing and laughing so hard. Out of nowhere, mid-fucking this dude says, “So, what’s your favorite disney movie?” I wish I was kidding.” — Annabelle, 24

9. “He threw up on me.” — Dee, 22

10. “He asked if he could call me Daddy. NOT IF I WOULD CALL HIM DADDY.” — Anonymous, 23

11. “He asked me to list all the men I’d slept with in the past. While he was inside me.” — Natasha, 29

12. “I met this girl at a bar and we hit it off. She was gorgeous and was down to come up to my apartment. We started hooking up and it was super hot. But then she started purring. Like a goddamn cat. And this might sound sexy or whatever, but believe me, it wasn’t. It was just weird.” — Barb, 25

13. “He told me I reminded him of his cousin.” — Kennedy, 22

14. “He kept sloppily sticking his tongue in and out of my ear. There’s a right way to do ear stuff. Like nibbling, kissing, breathing, etc. He was doing it wrong. Just wet and sloppy. No thanks.” — Molly, 25

15. “He asked if I could invite my sister. NO. SHE’S MY SISTER, YOU PERV.” — Marcie, 23

16. “He played an Enya CD. ENYA. I’m sorry, what did he think we were doing? Restorative yoga?” — Stephanie, 25

17. “His dog was in the room. And whatever, that’s not a big deal. I like dogs. But THEN the dog jumped on the bed and started licking my feet. And he just…let it happen. While we were having sex.” — Theresa, 23

18. “I feel bad because this isn’t really his fault, but he had the WEIRDEST orgasm face I’ve ever seen. I was actually concerned that I accidentally kneed him in the balls or something because he looked in actual pain. Yikes.” — Catina, 29

19. “He asked if I wanted to role-play. I’m not really into that, but figured it could be fun. Then he brought out colonial times outfits….like, Pilgrim shit.” — Isabelle, 32 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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