If She Doesn’t Want To Fuck You, Don’t Cry About The ‘Friend Zone’


Somewhere (probably in his mother’s basement) a man is sitting in front of his laptop leaving angry internet comments, whining about some woman because she wouldn’t let him put his penis inside her.

The friend zone, he gripes.

He ended up in no man’s land, the place of no return, the dreaded FRIEND ZONE.

Seriously? Repeat after me: I AM NOT OWED SEX.

I’ve never understood why some men (and women, I’m all about equality) think if someone doesn’t reciprocate their feelings, it suddenly means they’re stuck in this terrible limbo. Hello sir, welcome to Friend Zone! Population you, and a few other ugly fucks. Sit! Make yourself at home. Enjoy your stay here in the Friend Zone.

No, that’s not what’s going on.

Friendship is not a consolation prize.

Some people are not going to like you. Attraction is not always mutual. C’est la vie. It happens.

So the next time you feel the urge to bitch and moan about someone who put the kibosh on getting freaky, calm the eff down.

You aren’t owed sex with anyone. Ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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