9 Things Women Who Don’t Care About Being ‘Ladylike’ Do Differently In Life

Brooke Shemaria
Brooke Shemaria

1. They don’t try to minimize their sexuality. They feel 100% in control of their bodies, their pleasure, and feel zero obligation to hide either of those things from the world.

2. They wear whatever they want. Whether that’s a oversized sweatshirt with a dad cap or a see-through shirt without a bra, they don’t worry about how they’ll be judged or perceived. They put on whatever makes them feel the most confident and comfortable.

3. They don’t play games when it comes to dating. They’ll text you first. They’ll double text you. Who cares? If they’re interested, they’re not gonna sit around and wait because that’s what they’re “supposed” to do.

4. They speak their minds. They don’t give you filtered versions of the truth to come across more dainty or likable. Nah, screw that. You want a real opinion? They’ll give it to you.

5. They have dirty mouths. They’ll make that inappropriate joke that you weren’t expecting or drop an f-bomb. This can jarring to some people, but they didn’t think they’d make everyone happy anyway.

6. They never learned how to sit properly in a dress. You know why? Because they don’t give a fuck.

7. They live by the motto, “Anything he can do, I can do better.”

8. They don’t pretend bodily functions are nonexistent in their gender. Because that’s just stupid. We all fart. Get over it.

9. They live wildly and outside the box, not for shock value, but because it’s what makes them happy. And they couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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