Your Heart Can Only Be Whole Once It’s Been Broken

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A year ago, I left home to embark on a new journey.

True enough, the first few months were the hardest. I kept on searching for reasons to go home. I almost gave up, until something happened that made me realize why God let me come here in the first place – to know MY heart.

Knowing my heart means facing ALL the pains and struggles.

It means acknowledging the mistakes and learning from each of them.

It means constantly asking “Who am I?”, “What is my life’s purpose?” until I find the answers.

It means knowing when to let go of what does not benefit my well-being.

It means understanding that putting myself first is never selfish and believing that self-love should and must come next to loving God.

It means being confident with my own skin and understanding that beauty is truly skin deep. It is a light in the heart.

It means asking for renewed strength from the Man above since relying on my own will never work, as it is built to run out eventually.

It means embracing the need for healing the broken pieces of oneself and believing on the power it gives after.

It means constantly striving to become better despite failing many times.

It means understanding that life is a process of forgiving and giving chances – most especially to the undeserving.

It means learning to love life despite the many challenges and learning to see the beauty in each struggle.

It means learning to have faith that whatever challenges I face, I will be well in God’s loving grace.

It means understanding that being broken does not entail being weak, incomplete, and undeserving of love.

It means “accepting the pain of living – that knowing one’s heart will, and should, be broken.”

Truly, one’s heart can never be whole without ever being broken. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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