5 Ways To Achieve Self-Acceptance

1. Recognize your imperfections.

This is the first big step not everyone is willing to make. For one, this takes a while. It could take a long string of mistakes and a series of detours first before the eye-opening and mind-blowing call hits. While most of us are anxious of this challenge, instead of running away from this reality, we should embrace it.
This is the “crumbling phase” where our inner self will be shaken for more than once. We will most definitely drown in the pool of our misery for quite a while but the good news is: it gets better.

2. Trust the process.

We have different sets of experiences. What seems to be constant in each and everyone’s process is how taxing it gets. It’s slow and painful. It’s confusing where our questions give birth to even more questions and then we ask: will this ever end? Will things ever make sense?

We tend to divert our energy to various distractions, but still end up overthinking even just in the shortest span of stillness. This is the “falling apart phase” where pieces begin to scatter.
This can be considered as one of the most difficult phases to understand but the fact of the matter is: we don’t have to. We just have to trust the process and then hold on to whatever keeps us going. We may hit rock bottom and it’s okay.

3. Let go.

In everything, there’s always the ceiling, the point of no return, the epitome which means a turning point exists somewhere. Growth begins in letting go, in light of the fact that life is only a journey forward. This is the “picking up phase.” No matter how plenty the pieces are, what matters is to begin.
The appreciation of who we are with all our indisputable demons exists in the wilderness of letting things be. As we pick up piece by piece, we get to examine parts of ourselves that are lovable too. By then, we recognize not only our imperfections but more importantly, who we really are as a whole.

4. Love yourself.

This could also mean living with yourself. Be self-involved. Treat yourself to some alone time regularly. Dine-out alone. Watch a movie alone. Stay in a coffee shop for several hours. Discover a hobby. Breathe. Look for ways to cultivate who you are. Do things that make you feel the most you. Slow down. Take a good look at your pace in life. Know the importance of unanswered questions and of ambiguity.

This is the “creating phase.” Create small goals for yourself and see how far you’ll go. Build that self-awareness. This is the part where you feel good about yourself in knowing what you want and what you deserve. You are self-sufficient.

5. Keep trying.

Three things to always remember going forward: There is no perfect world. You can’t please everyone. You need to be kind to yourself first before you can to others. Make better mistakes. Life did not get easier from this point onwards, you just got stronger. Bear in mind that mistakes mold us to better versions of ourselves. Be courageous enough to try and try. Never let the world alter your core as a unique person, rather, keep on exceeding yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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