5 Reasons Why Girls Run The World

David Pereiras / (Shutterstock.com)
David Pereiras / (Shutterstock.com)

If you’re wondering what today’s female superheroes are made of, here are the reasons why women have been seamlessly making the world go ’round:

1. We bring life into this world.

Whatever this world has, we owe it to all great women who courageously took the responsibility of carrying and raising a child with or without a man by her side. This is how the world changes: people raising babies right and mothers making selfless choices.

2. We’re the real masters of multitasking.

No other human being can live up to how a woman operates. Only a woman can run a household and make a living at the same time while still looking good: from the kind of milk and cereal in the morning up to the bedtime story every night; from the very first paperwork in the office up to the last task on the productivity board; from the tie her man should pick up to the favorite dish on the dinner table; from the brand of BB cream she looks best in, up to the height of the heels she flaunts best.

A woman oversees everything and looks after everyone—most especially herself. A woman must been great on her own first before she can be great for anyone else.

3. We procreate.

Whatever you give to a woman, she multiplies. We know how to handle things flawlessly. Even when bad things happen, we make it work. We fill gaps. We find ways. When you give us something good, we radiate something great. When you give us crap, you know what it is.

4. We’re always right.

It’s a superpower; instincts only women have. We always know. Whether it’d be an incoming sickness, a secret affair, or a hidden agenda, women can tell. Fear it.

5. We always love truly.

It’s the very purpose of women and we’re simply awesome at it, as it adds to what makes the world a beautiful place. Whatever kind of love a woman gives, know that it’s genuine, forgiving, and kind. Know that it’s selfless and incomparable. A mother, a sister, a best friend, a wife, a partner, a career woman, or just a plain independent woman. We shine through because we do everything with love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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