34 Things That Feel Better Than Worrying About Boys

Boys seem to be all we ever think about. They consume our thoughts, make us question ourselves. But more importantly, they make us forget the little things in life. The moments that feel amazing and are so much more important than silly boys.

1. Singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs while driving

2. The feeling of sand between your toes

3. Late nights, laying on the floor, discussing your wildest dreams with your besties

4. Petting a dog

5. Reading a poem that resonates with the exact way you’re feeling

6. Gazing at the stars and thinking about how big the universe is

7. Stretching your body after sitting for too long

8. Eating pizza — lots of pizza.

9. Taking your bra off after a long day

10. The first warm sip of coffee in the morning

11. Enjoying a good Pinot while sitting on a porch

12. Laying in a hammock reading your favorite book

13. The jitters in your stomach when planning a trip

14. The warm sensation of the sun caressing your skin

15. A freshly baked cookie that’s still warm

16. Laying in your bed after getting a solid nine hours of sleep

17. Having emotionally intelligent friends you can always lean on

18. Nailing that presentation you were nervous about

19. Free samples at the grocery store

20. Looking at flowers at a Farmer’s Market on a Sunday morning

21. Feeling understood in a conversation

22. A great hair day

23. Finding the perfect vintage tee, for a great price

24. Relaxing in a warm bath with your favorite scented bath salts

25. Supporting your best friend while they chase their dreams

26. A great book recommendation

27. Sipping a latte while people-watching at your favorite coffee shop

28. Talking to your mom and receiving the best advice

29. Reading a magazine and staying up-to-date with what’s going on in the world

30. Volunteering with people that have less than you

31. Swimming of any kind and feeling your body glide through the water

32. Eating chocolate cake on the first day of your period

33. Investing in your hobbies because they make you truly happy

34. Knowing you love yourself, no matter what a silly boy thinks Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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