This Is What You Deserve From Someone

This Is What You Deserve From Someone

I want you to take a moment and look in the mirror. I want you to really see the person staring back at you in your reflection.

Maybe you don’t truly see them for who they are. Maybe they have some scars they hide from being burned so badly from their past. Maybe their face is streaked with day-old tear stains because the pain is too much. Maybe their smile hurts from faking it so much in order to not worry their loved ones.

I need you to repeat this for me: “I am beautiful, I am worthy, I will get through this.” Even if you don’t believe it right now. Even if the state you are in right now is too hard for you to even utter those words because you know you’re only lying to yourself. I promise you one day you will believe them. But if you don’t start saying it to yourself now when you’re at your lowest, you’ll never believe them.

You’re probably in a state of limbo right now. Feeling lost after what feels like you came out barely alive from a long battle. Maybe you just ended things with someone who was only leading you on to the inevitable doom. Maybe you let go of someone whose battling their own demons and you know they deserve better.

Whatever the case or situation, I want you to know what you deserve. Even if you have to reread every single one over and over again until it finally starts to sink in.

This is what you deserve.

You deserve someone who never gives you mixed signals.

You deserve someone who notices how you light up a room instead of dims it.

You deserve someone who makes your smile hurt from how happy you feel around them.

You deserve someone who would move mountains for you.

You deserve someone who would swim through the roughest waves, not barely step into the water.

You deserve someone who encourages you to reach your goals, not diminish them.

You deserve someone who wants you to be there’s, not someone who’s afraid of commitment.

You deserve someone who believes in your dreams, not undermines them.

You deserve someone you’d want to introduce to your mom and friends, not hide from everyone in fear.

You deserve someone who would drop everything to be by your side, not someone who had to find time for you.

You deserve someone who sees and loves you for you, not someone who wants to change you.

You deserve someone that doesn’t make you second guess everything, someone who makes you feel definite.

You deserve someone who connects with you easily, not someone you have to force something on.

You deserve someone who makes your eyes light up and heart flutter. Not someone who makes your stomach twist with confusion, your eyes brim with tears, and heart ache from the pain they cause.

You deserve someone who would wipe your tears for you, not someone whose the reason you’re crying in the first place.

You deserve someone who makes you feel full, not someone who makes you feel lonely.

You deserve someone that never makes you question your worth but gives you a reason for why you’re worthy.

You deserve someone who takes you out of your darkness, not bring more into your life.

And lastly, you deserve someone who made you realize why every other person before them was wrong, not yet another person to add to your list of people that hurt you.

So, trust that one day you’ll be able to feel these and be in a place where everything before was leading you to something so much better. It might take time, nothing happens overnight. But for now remember this: You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you will get through this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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