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There Is Still Time To Step Into The Life You Deserve

There is still time.

There is still time to tell that special person that you love them. That at some point over the last few months, they made your days a little brighter and helped heal the hurt others left behind—they sank into your heart and made a home there. You can still tell them that in the midst of impossible circumstances, they became your favorite thing.

There is still time to change your ideas about the future. It is okay if you’re not where you thought you’d be today—you have many tomorrows ahead of you. Your journey is not linear, and as you grow, you will sometimes outgrow what you once wanted. You are allowed to course correct; you are allowed to take your path in a different direction. This is your journey, and yours alone.

There is still time to let go of the past. It starts by accepting that you can’t turn back the clock or erase experiences from your memory, but you can actively choose to live in the present moment, to show up for yourself, to find forgiveness. Release the lost loves and conditioned thought patterns that have constrained you all these years. You deserve to live free.

There is still time to start over. No matter what your age, no matter what your beliefs, no matter how many days are already behind you, you can begin anew if you want to. You can map out new courses and you can discover new territories. You can learn new ways of thinking and you can think about new ways to learn more about who you truly are at heart.

There is still time to fully embrace who you are and step into the life you deserve. To love better, to hug harder. To find peace in forgiveness and solace in clarity. To let go of fear and pursue what makes you feel the most alive. There is still time to believe you are worthy of everything you so fiercely desire. You were worthy yesterday, you are worthy today, and you will still be worthy tomorrow.

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