This Is Why You Need To Trust The Process

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You want to know how it all turns out, that you will find your Prince Charming, that you’ll be happy and successful and live the kind of life you always dreamt of. You want to know that everything ends up ok, because you’re scared of what happens if it doesn’t.

You want guarantees, but the thing is: there are no guarantees. There is no master plan that if you don’t stick to, means you’re a failure. There is no linear path that if you fall off, means you won’t be able to get back on track. There’s no heartbreak-proof love and there’s no surefire way to success. There is no way to block out the bad without blocking out the good.

I can’t promise you guarantees. I can’t promise you all of the answers. 

What I can promise you is that sometimes the events that derail you will set you on the path to something better. That things might not unfold according to plan, but you’ll survive; in fact, you’ll come out stronger.

Your greatest struggles will become your greatest opportunities for learning, and for growth.

I promise that in the face of things you fear, you will discover bravery.

I promise that you’ll meet people who move you, who make you want to be better, who make you see beauty in things you’ve never noticed before. I promise that you’ll meet people who make you feel: feel loved, feel inspired, feel renewed—you’ll meet people who make you feel alive.

I promise that even if there are times when it seems like nothing makes sense, one day you’ll wake up, and you will see how everything fell into place to bring you here.

You will finally see how your collection of tiny stories wove together to create this magnificent tapestry that is your life, and it’s everything you never knew you always wanted.

Trust the process. Have faith in the unknown. TC mark

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