Of The Things You Deserve Most Is Moving On


You deserve to move on from the friends that turned out to not be friends.

The ones who judged you, oppressed you, put you down.
The ones who expected you to think, act and live the way they do—and made you feel badly when you didn’t.

You deserve to make more room for the people who love you and lift you up.

The ones who support you, celebrate you, motivate you to be better.
The ones who would drop everything to be by your side when you need them—even if you haven’t seen each other in months.

You deserve to move on from the love that betrayed you.The one who lied to you, cheated on you, let you down. The one who made you feel like you were crazy—because they couldn’t admit their wrongdoings to anyone else, not even themselves.

You deserve to clear darkness from your heart to create space for someone who will light it up.
The one who respects you cares for you, treats you right.
The one who whose presence amplifies the loving life you already lead—and who will be your partner, bringing out your best.

You deserve to move on from the job that no longer fulfills you.
The one that no longer helps you learn, grow or change.
The one that no longer excites you—because you need to feel like you are living up to a higher potential.

You deserve to pursue the passion that drives you.
The one that makes you strive, reach and hope.
The one that sparks a fire within you—and inspires you to use your skills to help make the world a better place.

You deserve to move on from the home that no longer feels like home.

The city that keeps you sleepless, the childhood house that you have outgrown.
The place that once gave you joy—but now gives you stress and the sense that something is still missing.

You deserve to fill your passport and find the home that is all your own.
The countries you discover that are full of interesting people and cultures.
The landscapes and landmarks that open up doors to new opportunities—and open your eyes to new ways of viewing strangers, loved ones and life.

You deserve to move on from the past that haunts you.

The memories, experiences, and feelings that hold you back.
The days that turned into months of regret, pain or sadness—everything that no longer serves you.

You deserve to move forward in a bright blaze of glory.
Paving your own way, finding your own happiness, making new memories.
Knowing that you, too, deserve everything good and beautiful the world has to offer—and viewing each new day as an opportunity to take these things and make them yours.

You deserve to be supported.
To be lifted up.
You deserve to be respected.
To be loved.
You deserve to learn.
To be challenged.
You deserve to grow.
To be fulfilled.
You deserve to discover.
To let go.

You deserve to move on because you, as much as anyone else, deserve to be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Author of Evergreen, a poetry collection that explores personal growth through light and darkness.

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