Finding Love In God’s Roadblocks

Finding Love In God’s Roadblocks

Heartbreak. Rejection. Failure.

All these determinants at the moment don’t feel like blessings in disguise but that’s exactly what they are. Learning to trust God’s plan when you’re simply trying to take it one step at a time is hard. The pain we feel within us, the uncertainty, the patience that is growing wary and the frustration in waiting, like no one is listening or there or understanding. But He is.

When it feels like every part of you is being tested and you don’t know if you have any strength to keep going that’s exactly when everything comes together. In the moments it feels you are at the edge and about to fall into the unknown and maybe you do you must trust that you will be caught. Trust that even though you aren’t included in the plan yet, there is a plan.

The only thing you can do is hold onto faith.

If it’s heartbreak and you’re overcome with sadness know there is love even greater for you in your future and maybe they are getting over someone too. Maybe they are in the process of healing or ending something really difficult too. When what feels like the love of your life walks out hold onto faith that what you defined as love doesn’t even come close to what you had in mind it’s just going to take time to get there.

If it’s a failure in your career and you’re overcome with beating yourself up for not doing better understand the job for you is one where you’ll excel and it won’t even feel like working. So yes you might struggle slightly for a bit but there is a different path for you past what has grown to be your comfort zone. Understand you are meant to be the best version of yourself and sometimes the things we cling to hold us back and when we are afraid to let go of that and try something new God forces us down a difficult path for our own good.

When rejection makes you feel like you aren’t good enough understand God created you as you are perfectly, flaws and all. So when you reject yourself simply because someone or something did, understand what you are saying to God is I think you made a mistake in the way you made me. There are no mistakes only that in which we reject a path we are being directed to and who we are meant to be.

Trust God’s roadblocks. Trust that everything happens for a reason even the things we don’t understand. But more than that hold onto faith because sometimes things fall apart just so they can fall back together even better.

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