When It’s The Right Relationship You Won’t Care About Making Your Ex Jealous

Ryan Moreno

At some point, we all want to get back at our ex or the person who hurt us and broke us most. We want them to regret what they did. We want to hear they miss us. We want to hear they made mistake when they see us so happy. Whether it’s petty or not we want them to feel a little jealous.

At least that’s how someone feels when they aren’t over the person.

You’re going to care if they looked at your story. You’re going to care if they liked your post. You’re going to care about those little things because part of you still does care. Part of you wants to know they do too.

But you are actually happy it isn’t something you care to advertise you just are. You’re not going to need to post things on social media because you get to this point in the right relationship where you don’t want anything to take you away or distract you from that person and their time and attention.

When it’s the right relationship, suddenly no one else matters but this person. And you don’t even care if your ex is jealous because you’re so engulfed in this person that you don’t even see them anymore.

When it’s the right person there isn’t even a comparing to them or anyone because no one can light a match to them.

When it’s the right person you’re grateful things didn’t work out with anyone before.

You go from hurting to healing to thank you God and that’s what the right person does for you.

When it’s the right person yeah someone might be great but you’re dating someone better.

The truth is if you’re trying to make your ex-jealous you aren’t over them yet and that’s not fair to the other person.

Because we all deserve a fair chance. We don’t deserve to be used. We don’t deserve to be some social media accessory to hang like cats yarn in front of one’s face.

At the end of the day, if you’re trying to make an ex-jealous you aren’t ready for a new relationship.

Because the right relationship doesn’t include the word jealousy but security.

It’s about finding someone who makes you feel so good that no else from your past matters anymore.

That is the only thing you should be striving for.
Attempting to make someone jealous is a phase in the healing process. But when you’re healed you won’t even care about that anymore.

One day you are going to wake up next to someone and you’re going to look over at them and have this moment where it just hits you, they are the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

And even if every ex and person who hurt you were suddenly standing in the same room asking for another chance, you realize the right man, the best man only needs one.

When it’s the right relationship you’ll be grateful for even the most painful endings because it led you to someone so much better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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