When You’re Anxious Put Your Faith In God


When you can’t sleep because you’re overcome with the guilt of something you might have said or done wrong, know He forgives you and it will be okay. But you need to forgive yourself.

When you’re looking at your phone wondering why someone hasn’t answered and you’re replaying scenarios in your head and driving yourself crazy, know He’s testing your patience. Know He is trying to teach you to be calm.

When you’re overcome with the anxiety of things you can’t control give Him your problems and let him take care of it. Because these things you think you can’t handle He can, so let him.

When you’re overcome with the fear of someone leaving, understand He puts people in your life for a reason and the right people who are meant for you will stay.

When you’re fumbling for the right things to say and afraid of what to do, look for signs because He will guide you. He will protect you. He will make sure everything is okay in your life.

When you wake up and you’re anxious, shaking overcome with a feeling you’re about to lose something or someone and you want to blame yourself, blame Him because he can handle it. Be angry at him, not yourself. Be frustrated with him, not you. Put it all on Him and let him carry the weight of everything you carry so heavy in your heart.

When you anticipate something bad that is about to happen or possibly could, understand He’s trying to teach enjoy the moment. Not to dwell on a past that can repeat itself or a future that is uncertain, He wants you to live for now.

When you’re standing there nervous at a party, fidgeting with your ring or trying to appear busy as knots in your stomach take over your entire body watching everyone around you, know He will never let anything that bad happen to you and it will be okay.

When you wake up at 3 am and you’re struggling to fall back to sleep, understand He hears you. Your fears. Your doubts. Your Insecurities. Your hopes and every desire.

When your thoughts make you feel like you’re drowning and you want to fall apart and you feel like you’re alone and no one understands. Know He gets it.

When anxiety becomes that critical voice that tries to take you down, picking apart every flaw you might have, know even in those moments you don’t love yourself, He does.

When you almost ruin relationships before they even begin, know He has someone better for you who will accept this and understand this and love you the way you deserve.

When you think anxiety is your greatest flaw, know the root of it is caring. He gave you a heart that cares a little too deeply and a head that thinks too much because to feel things like that really is a strength of yours you should be proud of.

When you think there is something wrong with you know He made you this way for a reason.

When you think you have to be perfect and strive for these unrealistic expectations killing yourself to try and achieve things, know He’s proud of what you’ve already done.

When you create problems that aren’t actually problems anywhere else but in your head know He is with you feeling through this too and you aren’t as alone.

When you begin to doubt yourself and everything you are, know He’s confident in you.

When that voice inside your head tries to take you down and destroy you put your faith in Him because the Devil disguises itself in many forms, wanting to make a home within your heart hoping you self-destruct. Don’t let that happen.

When you doubt yourself and the choices you make, don’t doubt Him because he has a plan for you.

When these battles within you feel like they are too much to bear understand you aren’t fighting alone and He is with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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