This Is What It Means To Love A Pisces

Jessica Castro

Loving a Pisces means understanding they feel things a little deeper than most people. It’s understanding they are a little more sensitive and take things personally. It’s being sure to be careful with your word choice and dialect because they read between the lines when it comes to everything.

Loving a Pisces means being the less emotional one, being able to be logical in times when they just want to follow their heart and not their head.

It’s respecting them for the way they are and not shaming them for it. Because to show vulnerability really is their strength.

Loving a Pisces means accepting all they have to give because it will always be their best and it might seem like a lot or they are trying too hard. They do try very hard to win you over and they never stop trying. It requires you to not take advantage of them or expect things but appreciate it and show gratitude.

Loving a Pisces means being able to sit down and talk things out because the chances are if they are upset they have probably been thinking about it all day and night.

Loving a Pisces means looking out for them when it comes to relationships because they see the best in everyone but that doesn’t always mean it’s the truth. It’s standing by them when they give someone a second chance when they don’t deserve it and staying silent because Pisces are stubborn and will always follow their heart but when things go wrong it’s important you don’t say I told you so because they hate being wrong about people. It physically hurts them when they are.

It’s being able to stand up for them and fight their battles because they aren’t confrontational. It’s being the strong one. Being the confident one. It’s being okay with being the dominant one in a relationship because Pisces are passive.

Loving a Pisces means understanding they don’t do well meeting a lot of people overcome with shyness and being timid. It’s taking their hand and not leaving their side if they are nervous at a party.

Loving a Pisces means sitting up with them at 2AM because they have a lot on their mind and they just need someone to listen.

It’s forgiving them quickly for their mistakes because they don’t forgive themselves that easily even if they do to others.

It’s being able to read subtle expressions and signs. Because they will never straight up say something is wrong or they are hurt. But you’ll think twice about the songs they listen to, the things they post, their ability to express themselves through everything but words.

But of all signs, they are the most genuine and honest. Because people tend to be more unkind to Pisces than most they make an effort to never treat someone the same way.

Loving a Pisces means valuing everything that is so raw about them and realizing you are the lucky one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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