This Is What It Means To Fall Into The Right Relationship

Rahul Anil

Falling into the right relationship happens quickly with a little more certainty. It’s someone looking at you and it just feels different. It’s someone taking your hand you’re not scared to follow their lead.

Falling into the right relationship means your texts get answered quickly. And plans are something they follow with. It’s their word you can trust when in the past you were doubtful of everyone.

Falling into the right relationship means falling together and knowing you’re not the only one.

It’s the conversations that are sometimes difficult but you talk things out.

It’s figuring out what the person likes and dislikes and trying to do what you can.

It’s listening to what they say and remember the finite details.

Falling into the right relationship is that moment you delete any dating app you have because you don’t need to look anymore.

It’s a night out with your friends and they just take notice you’re a little happier than you used to be as you talk about him.

Falling into the right relationship are those nights out where someone hits on you and it’s flattering but you think back to the person you’re going home to and you politely decline because you already have something great.

It’s not needing the time and attention of someone else because you know one person is enough.

It’s making sure you aren’t leading someone on or flirting because you remember what it was like to be that person. The one was in the dark about a relationship the other person didn’t bother to tell you about and you remember what it was like to feel like a fool.

Falling into the right relationship means meeting their family and being excited to because you want everyone to know whose been making you so happy lately.

It’s a future you’re not uncertain of and the past that suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.

Falling into the right relationship means sleeping with one person and it being enough. It’s wanting only them because as you get to know them more the better everything gets. It’s every touch and every kiss that just feels right.

It’s the goodbye you want to prolong. The five more minutes in bed. The parting ways as you watch them leave.

It’s the text me when you get home safely and the goodnight text just so they know you’re thinking of them.

Falling into the right relationship is about honesty. It’s telling your partner about the relationship you had with someone when they ask about the person. And they do it in such a way it’s casual but you know they suspect the person you say is just a friend. You tell them everything because you want them to be secure. It’s not hiding things because you don’t have to. It’s regardless of history you might have with someone, that doesn’t light a match to what you have now.

It’s wanting your partner to be confident and secure in you and the relationship. It’s not a desperate attempt to try and make them jealous or wonder who you are with.

Falling into the right relationship doesn’t mean you drop every friend of a different gender. It’s about making your partner feel confident in your relationship that those things don’t even matter or they don’t think twice about it.

It’s knowing if they were to look through your phone they wouldn’t find anything you’d have to explain. Because you aren’t texting people the way you are texting them. You aren’t thinking of people the way you think of them. You aren’t allowing people to cross that line and if ever they try to you shut it down. It’s about the respect you have for both your relationship and the person.

Falling into the right relationship are about the little moments that begin to mean everything.

It’s the dinners as they grab your hand across the table.

It’s when you toss and turn at night they just pull you in closer.

It’s a look at a party and neither of you need to say more because you’re thinking the same thing.

It’s the smell of their perfume that you’ve grown to love.

It’s the surprises because you want to make them happy. Because their happiness is part of your own.

It’s laughing a little too loudly together that people look but you don’t care.

It’s showing affection because you want to because you can’t get enough of it.

Falling into the right relationship are the thoughts that wander as you daydream and they are the one you are thinking of.

It’s looking at someone and just knowing even if you’re scared or doubtful or unsure that just maybe this time you won’t get hurt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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