This Is The Type Of Guy Every Girl Deserves

Clem Onojeghuo

He’s the guy who isn’t going to be another drunk mistake. He might take you home. You might lay in the same bed. But nothing is going to happen that first night because the guy worth waiting for isn’t some one night stand you regret. He’s someone who is going to take care of you.

He’s the guy who is going to take you on a real date. Where he dresses really sharp.

Meeting for drinks isn’t his style.

He’s going to take you to his favorite spot and not some dive bar to get you drunk. Because he wants to know what you’re like sober.

He’s going to hold open your door and pull out your chair. He’s going to stand when you excuse yourself from the table. He’s going to let you pick the app you like even if he doesn’t it. He’s going to let you order first and let you try his, giving you part of it if you like his better. He’s going to pay even when you try to and won’t allow it.

He’s the guy who is going to drive you home even if you live far away and he’s not afraid of meeting your parents. Because he wants them to know you’re being taken care of and with someone good.

He’s the guy who tells his friends about you and brings you around to meet them because someone who is important to him is important to them.

He’s going to want to meet your friends too. He’s going to want to make a good impression. He’ll deal with the pressing questions as they come and handle it with grace.

He’s the guy who is going to keep his word. Someone who doesn’t cancel on dates and tells you things so you aren’t in the dark about what’s going. He’s someone who is going to work to make you feel confident in him as he spends time building your trust.

He’s the guy who is going to care about the things you’re interested in and even if it’s different for him, he’ll try. He’s going to support you and be happy for you when something goes right but when things go wrong he’s going to be there too reminding you it’s okay and things are going to get better.

He’s the guy who is going to listen when you speak even if you’re rambling or just talking in a whisper. And he’s going to remember the things you say. He’s going to make a mental note of the things you like and what you don’t.

He’s the guy who is going to answer your texts and calls because he doesn’t play games and he sure as hell won’t want to mess with your head or your heart. Someone who values the physical aspect of relationships and goes into it teaching you that too. Showing you what sex should be like.

Someone whose touch you crave when you wake up even if it’s next to him. Someone who never stops kissing your forehead or pulling you close.

A simple touch under the table as he puts his hand on your leg that means so much.

He’s the guy makes even Sundays doing nothing but laying in bed something to look forward to. Someone, you enjoy just watching a show with. A silence that isn’t awkward but broken by a joke because he knows how to make you laugh harder than anyone.

He’s the guy who isn’t just telling you you’re something great, he’s showing you through actions and appreciation and treating you better than anyone has before him making it look so easy.

He talks about a future like he’s sure of it and it scares you because no one has ever looked at you that confidently before.

He’s the guy who is going to take the time to learn you. Your quirks and flaws and he isn’t going to judge you for it, he’ll work his way around it and help you to overcome things making you better. He’s someone who is going to push you to achieve things simply because having him in your corner makes you believe in yourself.

If there’s something you don’t know he doesn’t make you feel dumb, he sits down and explains it until you get it because that’s what a healthy relationship is about, teaching the other person.

It’s realizing you guys are a team and there are things you have to overcome together. He’s not going to walk away when you fight or lose it, you’ll work through whatever the problem is. He’s someone who knows when to apologize and how to make it up and doesn’t hold mistakes over your head when you’re wrong.

He’s the guy who is going to make you feel beautiful when you’re in a baseball hat and a t-shirt. But he’s also going to be brutally honest when you ask his opinion. Because he might think you’re beautiful in anything but he wants you to believe it too.

He’s the guy who is close to his family and pushes you to have better relationships with yours. Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re wrong and pushes you to always do the right thing. When you think of positive influences in your life he’s it.

And you sit back thinking about your past and it’s like you always knew you deserved someone’s best but because of your past it just makes you appreciate him and value him and want him more each day. Because when you meet the right person all of it comes together so easily. Everything just feels right and it’s been a while since you’ve been that sure of anyone.

So you say a quick prayer and count your blessings because you know you’re the lucky one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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