The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Do These 13 Things To Make You Better

Priscilla du Preez

1. They will take care of you.


Mentally they will force you to see things differently and look at things from a point of view other than the one you’ve always been used to. They teach you just because you were raised a certain way or have certain beliefs doesn’t mean that that’s the only right way.


Emotionally they don’t leave you with voids. They meet you halfway. They are constantly telling you and showing you how much you mean to them. It isn’t a one-sided relationship but someone who cares too.


They learn what you like in bed and what you don’t. They teach you if they have more experience. They pride themselves putting your needs first because that pleases them too.

2. They will hold you accountable.

Whether it’s goals or things you personally want to accomplish, they want to see you succeed too. They want to celebrate in all they know you can achieve because they believe in you. They don’t let you settle. They don’t let you slack off. They help you to stay on track with things and be more responsible. And you don’t want to let them down.

3. They will force you to step up.

They are someone who makes you better. Someone who helps you to go after the things that scare you. Someone who forces you out of your comfort zone and even if you’re nervous handing right by them, it’s not as scary to face your fear.

4. They will challenge you.

Sometimes you fight and argue and disagree on things. Sometimes you have different opinions. Sometimes you’re going to be wrong or they will be. They challenge you constantly but work with you through things and you come out of everything better and stronger.

5. They will accept you.

They accept your flaws and shortcomings. But if they notice something you do that isn’t healthy or good for you, they try and force you to stop doing it. They want what is best for you and they want you at your best, not even for them but for your own health and wellbeing. But even if you make the wrong choices they still accept everything about you.

6. They will help you to save money.

Any healthy relationship is one that sees a clear future and any clear future knows that possibly you’ll share a lot of things financially. So to start this person wants you to save money for your future and not just blow it in the now. But more than anything a good partner is one who knows financial security is important for you yourself.

7. They will make you more confident.

They build you up. You don’t have to enter a relationship thinking you’re the shit but you should want to be with someone who thinks you are wonderful just as you are. Someone who isn’t picking apart flaws or telling you what you should change.

This person helps you to look at yourself a little differently and see yourself in a more positive light because they do.

8. They will make you a priority.

It’s never a question of where you fall in their life. They care about you. They show it. They are there when they need you. There’s this comforting feeling knowing you can rely on someone and as much as they matter to you and you’d do anything for them, they’d do the same.

9. They will make you rethink some friendships.

A good partner wants what is best for you and they will be the first one to notice which friends aren’t good for your wellbeing. Your partner will notice toxic friendships and the people who will screw you over long before they even do anything or you realize it yourself.

10. They want you happy even if it hurts them.

Your happiness has so much to do with theirs but they can’t make you happy if you don’t make yourself happy. And if your happiness doesn’t include them they’ll let you go if they have to.

11. They will teach you FOMO isn’t a thing.

A good relationship is one where you don’t feel like you’re missing out on things. It’s one where their company is enough. And those nights where you want to go out and have a night, they don’t hold you back. But even when you’re out and they aren’t there you find yourself in a crowded bar missing them and wishing they were there.

12. They work to have relationships with your family.

They know the relationship you have with your family whether it has its good moments or bad ones is important. They will never make you choose between your family or them because the most healthy relationships see a future where they could be your family one day. Therefore it’s important to build relationships with the people who matter to you and work at it.

13. They will love you unconditionally.

Through everything, they look at you and truly believe you are the best thing that’s happened in their life loving you with everything they have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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