Stay Single Until You Meet A Real Man Like This

Joanna Nix

Stay single until you meet a real man who doesn’t just open every door you walk through but metaphorical doors in your life pushing you to try things new.

Someone who isn’t just going to hold your hand walking on the street or make sure you’re on the proper side of the sidewalk but someone who takes your hand and wants to show all these places and experience all these with you.

Someone who looks at you and is happy you’ve never been to a certain place or tried a certain food. They open your eyes to the grey areas of life when all you saw was black and white.

Stay single until you meet a real man who doesn’t just tell you how he feels but is constantly showing you through gestures and affection and effort you’ve never before seen.

And it’s almost like thank you isn’t enough.

Someone who kisses you just because. Someone who pulls you in close at night. Someone who doesn’t mind your hair in their face while sleeping or the fact you’ve made his arm dead. He stays put because there’s something beautiful about you asleep and he doesn’t want to wake you.

Stay single until you meet a real man who brings you to meet his friends. And even though you’re nervous he confidently leads the way because he’s happy to have you there with him.

Someone who makes you feel welcome even though you are new, everyone already knows about you because he’s probably mentioned it in their group text.

Stay single until you meet a real man who takes you on a proper date. And it isn’t meeting for drinks, it’s a real dinner at nice place where he’s picking up the tab. Because dropping some money if you turn out to be the right person he knows is going to be completely worth it in the long run.

Someone who treats everyone with this respect and kindness and generosity.

Stay single until you meet a real man who is going to text you back. Someone who isn’t afraid to pick up the phone and call you. Someone who will commit to plans in the future and isn’t intimidated by commitment.

Someone whose word you realize you can rely on because they mean what they say.

Stay single until you meet a real man who knows that games and messing with someone’s head and heart is childish and shows an insecurity within that person. That will never be him because he’s sure of himself.

Someone who realizes what they have to offer is something of value and if you aren’t at that level or are still playing games and he throws out the card, it’s either him and you stop or he leaves.

Stay single until you meet a real man who looks at challenges as something to overcome together because you are a team.

Someone who uses the word WE when talking about things because that’s what a real relationship is.

Stay single until you meet a real man who introduces you to his family as his girlfriend. Because that’s what you are.

Someone who only takes that step with people he’s serious about.

Stay single until you meet a real man who makes you confident. Both in how you look and how they feel about you. Because it’s his job to make you feel secure and wanted and loved.

Someone who uses the word beautiful instead of hot. Someone who tells you honestly what you look good in and what you don’t. But they are also someone who is going to say things like you look best in a backward hat with no makeup in a big t-shirt and you feel the sincerity.

Stay single until you meet a real man who has a career not a job. Someone who talks about what they do with such excitement you feel it too.

Someone who has a plan and sees a future both for themselves and your relationship.

Stay single until you find a real man who knows that hardest part wasn’t getting you but keeping you.

Someone who continues to prove you deserve as much effort and attention while he was pursuing you as you do now.

Stay single until you find a real man who still makes you blush with a compliment. Who still sends shivers from your head to your toes just by placing his hand on your leg. Someone who wakes up every day and you feel lucky to be next to.

Someone who loves you unconditionally and fully.

Someone who made you realize what it’s like to get it right.

Someone you can’t imagine your life without.

Stay single until you meet a real gentlemen.

Because fate and circumstances and odd situations are one day going to have you cross paths with that person you’ve been looking for. And when it happens there’s only moving forward from there and it’s in that moment you stop looking back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kirsten Corley

Kirsten is the author of But Before You Leave, a book of poetry about the experiences we struggle to put into words.

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