Girls Who Aren’t Used To Relationships Are Best At The Right Ones

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She’s the one who tries too hard for the wrong people. The girl who invests her entire heart into things. She’s the one who truly believes if you love and care for someone the right way they can change.

She’s the one who gives too many chances to people who don’t deserve it. The girl who would give the shirt off her back to someone if you asked her. She the one who leads by example treating people how she wants to be treated even if she’s seen the opposite.

She’s the one who is a little too nice. The girl people take for granted. She’s the one who gives away pieces of herself to make others feel whole.

She’s the one who sees the good in everyone. The girl who is patient with boys who are complicated. She’s the one who tries to break through their walls and overcome their challenges even though they were designed so no one could figure them out.

She’s the one who isn’t afraid to send the first text and answer quickly. The girl who doesn’t care when you cancel. She’s the one who doesn’t take your mood swings or attitude personally, she just keeps being nice.

She’s the one who will never call you out or make you feel bad. The girl who handles things with poise and grace. The one who tolerates so much less than she deserves giving without asking for anything in return.

She’s the one who gets those calls at one am that she hates herself for answering. The girl that falls for every game because she hopes the next time it’ll be different. The one who is there when the person isn’t worthy of her love and loyalty.

She’s the one who doesn’t see relationships because she constantly falls for the wrong people. The girl that has this type that keeps hurting her. The one who goes to bed every time hoping maybe tomorrow will be the day I meet someone.

Honestly, though it isn’t that she’s bad at relationships it’s that these types of girls are the ones people don’t get valued enough or appreciated.

As a result, she finds herself picking apart her flaws because she believed one too many people who said she wasn’t good enough.

She tries to change to please everyone only to realize she lost herself so many times.

She thinks it’s her and something she’s doing wrong. She hates herself for caring too much and wearing her heart on her sleeve. She hates thinking she has to prove something because all these guys make it so hard. As a result, she puts her best effort in and goes above and beyond what most people deserve. And the reason her effort doesn’t feel good enough isn’t a reflection of her but rather the person on the receiving end.

She’s not bad at relationships. She’s bad at the wrong ones.

Because the right relationship she deserves will be one where she isn’t compromising her self-respect or trying too hard at all. It is someone who is meeting her halfway so she isn’t exhausted. It’s someone emotionally meeting her halfway so she’s not drained. It’s someone who looks at her, not as an option but a makes priority.

And when you meet that person who deserves you, that’s when you’ll realize relationships are easy. That’s when you’ll realize you’re actually good at them.

Because girls like these have so much to offer someone they just haven’t found someone deserving of it.

Overtrying. Overloving. So much effort and thought put into things. Analyzing every word making sure it’s right. Careful with every move. Never giving up on people. And above all being kind. That’s who she is. And that’s who she’s never going to stop being despite how many times she gets hurt.

One day you’re going to come across someone who loves and cares and gives the way you do and every piece you ever gave away will come back to you making you feel whole in ways you’ve forgotten. Wait for that day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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