13 Signs You Are Living Your Best Life And Should Be Proud Even In Those Moments Of Doubt

Ian Dooley

1. You have no interest in looking back.

Your only interest is in the things right now and the people choosing to be a part of that.

2. The word happy doesn’t seem like something foreign to you.

It used to seem like a goal or something to ob, ain. You realize now it’s a feeling, something you have to put a bit of effort into but you’re there.

3. You look at yourself every morning with admiration.

You’re kinder to yourself than you used. Where you used to look at your reflection analyzing flaws you don’t do that anymore. Instead you say something nice about yourself.

4. You’ve stopped apologizing for things you aren’t sorry for.

You aren’t guilty or overcome with shame when it comes to the choices you are making. Because they are your choices and it’s your life and you’ve finally started living it according to your standards not what everyone has expected of you

5. That negative voice inside your head seems to be a little quieter.

You’ve realized the way you talk to yourself influences the way you feel about yourself.

6. You genuinely love yourself and mean it.

Self-love has always been something you’ve struggled with but you’re learning even though it seems like it’s taken a while and you still have a long way to go, you’re proud of the person you’ve become.

7. You aren’t running from your problems or repressing your feelings.

When you used to hide how you felt and just take off running, you’re facing these things head on. You are talking through it. You are taking the time you understand why you feel the way you do. You are learning to respect yourself and your feelings.

8. You are treating yourself better and not engaging in toxic relationships.

It’s walking away from that toxic person even though it kills you to do so. It’s not answering their text even though you want to talk to them more than anyone. It’s realizing it’s okay to miss people but not want them back.

9. You’re working out because you want to not because you feel you need to.

It isn’t about striving for some change or punishing yourself it’s celebration of what your body is capable of doing. It’s not about a number on a scale or what you look like it’s how you feel and when you start feeling good about yourself you realize the influence healthy habits have in your life.

10. You aren’t looking at relationships like you’ve done something wrong.

If someone walks away or you grow distant with someone who was once a close friend, you aren’t trying so hard. Because the important relationships and the only ones you need are the people who meet you halfway.

11. You take a moment to count your blessings and say thank you more.

You take time out of your day to say thank you for everything you have right now. It’s not about thinking about the things you don’t have or what you hope to get soon. It’s about learning the art of appreciation and using the words thank you and I love you more than you used to.

12. You are waking up looking forward to your day.

Where you used to lay in bed and struggle to get up, you’re ready for the next 24 hours ahead appreciating even the moments of the day you don’t like. It’s about living for right now and putting everything you can into it.

13. You can’t remember the last time you cried.

While you know it might sneak up on you those emotions, you aren’t afraid of them. You’re just happy and everyone around you can see it and feel it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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