Generic Facts About You Based On Your Top Emoji Choice


You’re the person that’s always happy Monday mornings before coffee even has hit and everyone wonders about you.

You said something slightly risky and nothing bad happened.

Your reputation at work is very different than it is on a Saturday night.

Used mostly when snapchatting food.

Trying to be cute like…

Sexting your boyfriend like…

When someone doesn’t respond to your meme.

You are the friend that complains about everything and no one has called you out on it yet.

You laugh at your own jokes louder than anyone.

Texting Bae like….

More food appreciation emojis

When your best friend tells you a story about someone you both hate.

Texting your BFF like love you bitch.

Getting the recap of what you did last night after one too many tequila shots.

When you don’t know how to verbally express sadness.

Someone said something kind to you even though you completely set them up for it.

Getting pics from BAE like…give me 5 minutes.

When you tell a shitty joke only you think is funny.y

Trying to be chill but nothing about you is that chill.

You are dead inside.

Used not when you’re actually crying but laughing uncontrollably.

Not really sure what to say so I’m gonna leave this here…

You hate everyone.

Susan in the office again said something you don’t know how to respond to and you just texted your BFF telling the story because even though she doesn’t know Susan she’s come to hate her too.

Actually pissed but complaining to someone else rather than the person you are pissed at.

When your BFF tells you what went down after her date.

So tired you might die.

Awkward moment when you don’t know what to say.

You sent the text to the person about the person you were talking about.

You think you’re funnier than you are.

Complaining about how sick you are over your snap story like…

You did something so embarrassing you’re considering just up and leaving the country without telling anyone.

Describing someone you hate like…

Your favorite movie is Hocus Pocus.

Any use of Cat emojis you are a crazy cat person.

Agreeing but trying to end this conversation like…

Passive aggressive AF and they better catch on.

Not having it.

Emoji most used for women supporting each other.

We are on the same team and I got you.

Low key saying go F yourself.

Girls who poop too and talk about it with each other.

When your best friend tells you she isn’t going to answer him even though you know she’s gonna cave in the next 24 hours.

When someone asks you to explain something you just explained.

Still waiting for your response like…

Blessed to have you in my life.

Dropping hints to your boyfriend like…

Telling everyone you are back on that workout grind…

Telling everyone not only are you on that workout grind but you’re eating healthy too.

Finally graduated can’t wait to be an adult.

Waking up at 6:00am to be at your desk by 8:00 and wondering why the hell you wanted to graduate college.

You studied abroad Jr year and you haven’t stopped telling your Bumble matches you travel the world.

Your favorite karaoke song is Don’t Stop Believing and you sing it every chance you get.

Trump’s favorite Emoji when texting about North Korea.

Trying to be cute like…

When your BFF says she needs to get hammered, you respond with ‘I volunteer as tribute.’

New hair who dis?

When your BFF asks if she should text him back or not…

Def the first on the dance floor at every wedding. Def the worst on the dance floor at every wedding.

You use the word love and relationship entirely too much in your vocabulary.

Snapping yourself at the nail place like…

Talking about your celeb idol like you know her personally.

You aggressively snap and insta your dog like he or she is a child.

Saying something you know you probably shouldn’t.

Basic bitches be like I want a mini pig.

Used most on Insta during the Kentucky Derby. That or you’re a crazy horse girl.

You’re that person who starts playing Christmas music in November.

St Paddy’s day is your favorite day of the year.

BAE sent flowers to your office and you’re instagramming and snapping that shit before you even text him thank you.

Saying goodnight to all your followers like…

Traveling around the world like…

Commenting on your BFFs selfie like…

Beach babe at heart.

Telling everyone on snapchat you’re eating healthy now.

But eating like this IRL

Fuckboys be like…

Feeling slightly guilty but not guilty enough to not eat it and instead tell everyone about it.

Thinking about Wine Wednesday 8:00AM on a Monday

When you’re two days into the month you swore you weren’t going to drink and you cave.

Girls night got everyone like …🍾

When you’re already eating but thinking about your next meal.

When your favorite soccer team is Chelsea and everyone hates you for it.

You still talk about your high school glory days when you were captain of the basketball team.

Fact this is the emoji most used on the Super Bowl.

You were the captain of the bowling team in HS and you still take girls bowling on first dates and humiliate them.

When rent is due at the same time of your bills.

Your love for America exceeds anyone you know. Your favorite holidays include Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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