18 Signs They Are Someone Worth Keeping In Your Life

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1. When they take the time to learn who you are…

Value people who want to get to know you past the front you put up. Past the nights out drinking. The people who pull you aside to have deep conversations. The ones make you feel comfortable in whatever form you may be in.

2…Then call you out when you aren’t being your real genuine self…

They learn you so well they know when you are being fake. And you almost feel guilty for lying to them.

3…But they don’t leave.

They stick with you though because they know, you’re going to need someone when you realize this isn’t who you want to be anymore.

4. When they don’t give you an ultimatum …

Even when you make the wrong choices, they want to tell you what to do because even they know you have to make mistakes to learn.

5…But instead, they stay to pick up the pieces.

And they don’t come saying I told you so. They just sit there with you when silence speaks louder than words can.

6. When you are failing…

When it seems like your life is falling apart, these are the people who keep their phones on to answer you. These are the people who stick it out with you when it seems like everything is wrong.

7…But they still believe in you…

They don’t judge you by a failure but all of the other things you’ve done right and accomplished. And even though in the moment it may seem like the end of the world, they know it’s not.

8…Those are the people to take with you when you succeed again.

Then you bounce back and everyone is cheering in your success. But the only person you care about is the one who was with you at rock bottom.

9.When you are unhappy…

They hurt when you hurt.

10…And they check in on you…

These are the people you talk to everyday.

11…And stay until you’re okay again.

They don’t have anywhere to be until they know you are okay.

12. When they accept you for who you are…

Even at your worst they still see the best in you.

13…But push you to see your own potential.

They just want you to see it too and see yourself through their eyes. They want you to be happy and successful and doing well as much as you want it for yourself.

14. When you look at them with confidence that they won’t leave…

Regardless of whatever life situations you go through, they’ll be there. Because they are in every one of your big moments.

15…But you never take them for granted.

There’s a mutual respect and it’s unlike any relationship you have where everything is even. These are the people you don’t fight often with.

16. When they say I love you…

It’s not even something they think about.

17…And you say it back…

So carelessly.

18…Because you each know you mean it.

You look at each other and the most genuine love you’ve ever known. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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