17 Uncomfortable Signs Something In Your Life Needs To Change

Andrik Langfield

1. You aren’t excited anymore when you wake up.

You wake up and you turn back over and fall back to sleep for a little bit longer because you aren’t ready to face whatever reality awaits you.

2. You start to compare yourself to everyone around you.

The comparing games leads to nothing but jealousy and instead of pursuing the things you want that other people have you suddenly become really bitter about.

3. You don’t even know the answer to what would make you happy.

Someone asks what makes you happy and you respond with things that used to because you either don’t do that anymore or you can’t answer it. Something that used to put a smile on your face and motivate you doesn’t do that anymore.

4. You feel like your friends don’t even know you anymore.

But more than that, you don’t know yourself because you’re caught somewhere between the life you had, looking at these people you have a lot of history with, you think about the life you want and you think about where you are right now. You feel stuck but don’t know what move to make exactly.

5. You feel like you’re lying to everyone.

You go through the motions smiling and conversing but you’re waiting for the person to call your bluff and ask what’s wrong? The thing is you don’t know that answer.

6. You stare at your phone a little too often and can’t live in the moment.

You’re suddenly addicted to your cell phone like notifications and text conversations are better than the conversations in real life.

7. You have this uneasy feeling you’re settling.

It’s this feeling inside you, that you aren’t supposed to feel this way and you’re eagerly looking for that thing that’ll light a fire under your ass and motivate you again and give you something to look forward to.

8. You don’t know who you are anymore.

You feel completely lost. But it’s okay to feel that way.

9. You find yourself talking a lot about people and less about the things that actually matter.

You gossip more than you should and even though it’s not nice, you don’t find yourself stopping because maybe if you talk about others and judge them, it’ll take attention away from you judging yourself.

10. You find yourself looking back more often than not.

You look back at pictures and think about the past and you paint it better than it was. When you look at the past instead looking towards the future that means whatever you are doing right now isn’t the right thing.

11. You aren’t sleeping well at night.

You wake up tossing and turning and thinking too much and you’re exhausted from it.

12. You find yourself going through the motions but not actually living.

You feel like you are wasting your life but either you are overcome with uncertainty or fear to make a drastic change you need to.

13. You suddenly care too much about what people think of you.

You project this life across social media that everything is wonderful and when someone says ‘it looks like you are doing well and are happy,’ that kind of hurts a bit because you aren’t at all.

14. You are drinking and party to escape rather than face your problems.

Drinking used to be fun but not the way you do it.

15. You think changing how you look is going to change how you feel about yourself and your life.

If altering your appearance is what you think will bring happiness even when you hit whatever goal you wanted to, you’re going to feel empty and defeated. Happiness and success have nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with your relationships and the things you do to help others. Until you realize appearance and material things won’t bring happiness you won’t get there.

16. You hold onto grudges more than you should.

You still remember what someone did and how it made you feel. Holding onto that energy is like you are feeding yourself your own poison

17. You haven’t figured out how to love and accept yourself.

The root of it is self-love. When you haven’t accepted who you are, you’ll spend a lot of time judging others. When you haven’t learned how to love yourself, you’ll look for love in other people, only they can’t provide you with the things you are supposed to provide yourself with.

Identifying with these things isn’t a bad thing sometimes realizing is the first step to making the change you need to. The next challenge is acting on that feeling and realizing your happiness is your responsibility.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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