The Type Of Guy Like This Does Still Exist


The type of guy who will still ask to hold your bag or carry something if it seems a little heavy.

The type of guy who takes his jacket off to put over your shoulders if you seem cold.

The type of guy who makes sure you walk on the inside of the sidewalk.

The one who opens your door.

The one who takes your jacket.

The one who pulls out your chair.

The type of guy who stands when you leave the table.

He’ll be the one that pays for tabs fully every time out of respect for you.

He’ll be the one that takes you on a real date and doesn’t just meet for a drink.

He’ll be the one that calls when he says he will.

The one who doesn’t leave you waiting too long for a text message. And if he does, it’ll come with an explanation. “I’m sorry for the delay…this is why.”

The type of guy who isn’t afraid to make first moves but also respects you enough to not expect anything from you from you too soon.

The one who knows the importance of waiting.

Someone who is content with your company and the fact you took time out of your day to spend with him.

He’ll be the one that listens more than he speaks and remembers the things you say.

The type of guy who isn’t afraid to meet your father.
Because he wants you to meet his.

The type of guy who will go to great lengths to make you happy and make your life easier.

He’ll be the one you know you can rely on.

The one who meets you halfway with effort, emotions and affection.

The type of guy who doesn’t leave you in the dark about what he’s feelings.

Because real men don’t want you ever wondering about how you fit in their life.

He’ll be the one who isn’t afraid to commit to you.

Because as much as you are thinking about him he’s thinking about you too.

The type of guy who stays up just to make sure you got home safely.

And will drive out of his way just to be the one to take you home.

The type who has you standing next to him and he’s the one who feels like the luckiest guy in the world.

The type of guy who wants to show you off to his friends.

The one who shamelessly kisses you on a busy street because he can’t take it anymore.

The one who calls you up just to talk even though your parents are the only ones you talk to on the phone.

He likes just hearing your voice.

The type of guy who would drive hours just to see you for a short while because he missed you.

The one who doesn’t try and change you. But through his love you become a better version of yourself.

And with him by your side you want to achieve more with him than you ever could alone.

He’s the one who holds your happiest days. Your best moments. Your loudest laugh.

The type of guy who takes the time to know you to the core of who you are.

He learns about your past because he sees you in his future.

You look at each other across the room and it doesn’t matter who else is there because he’s the only one that matters.

He’ll be the one who keeps his word. Because his word is his bond and disappointing you is the last thing he ever wants to do.

He’ll be the one who heals you and never causes you pain.

The type of guy who teaches you, fights don’t mean something is about to end but what it actually means to work through it and be each other’s rock.

The type of guy who knows when to apologize and that saying sorry isn’t a sign of weakness.

The type of guy who sends flowers to your office with a note that says I love you. And it makes your day just a little better.

He’s the company you look forward to after a long day.

The one lying next to you and you sleep just a little better at night knowing he’s there.

You look in his eyes and you see a future you look forward to.

Because every day of your life with him is the best day.

And every love song suddenly starts to make sense.

He’s the type of guy who will tell you he loves you but they aren’t just three word mumbled in his sleep. He shows you what love actually is and wants to be the standard that no one in your past can even compete with.

You look at him and know if it was a competition he’d win with a landslide but you met him and forgot about everyone else you thought mattered.

The type of guy who works to earn your love and trust. And once he gets it, he doesn’t stop he just continues to prove that he deserves you.

He puts you on this pedestal because just as you think he’s the best thing that’s happened in your life, he knows you’re the best thing he’s ever had in his.

The type of guy who comes into your life and you know without question or doubt this is what you’ve been waiting for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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